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Compare 11 prices from 3 stores.

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A top-end brand under the Dell umbrella, Alienware produces laptops that are designed specifically for gaming. The rigs are built with high-grade materials and with the latest components to make the machine strong physically and in performance. Available nearer to the top end of the price range given the quality of product. The latest models have enough power as a desktop despite the lesser amount of space for hardware on a laptop.


About Alienware

Today a subsidiary of Dell, Alienware originally started off as Sakai of Miami Inc., in 1996. The new name was inspired by the 'X-Files' as the founders were fans of the TV series. Even a few of the computer lines have names inspired by a similar 'space' theme. Dell acquired the brand in 2006, which helped it to grow immediately as the production scale went up and costs came down. Also, Dell was established internationally so for them to push the Alienware laptops to other countries was easier.

Alienware laptops

In the gaming world an Alienware laptop is considered amongst the best machines to own. With some of the highest performance ratings ever, beautiful design and reliability. The latest in the line are as powerful as a desktop, making them perfect for people who need that much power is a portable format. The screens are all hi-resolution and based on OLED technology, combined with Nvidia GeForce graphics cards. This gives high quality crisp visual rendering with a high contrast ratio as well. Alienware laptops have responsive tactical keyboards that have RGB lights for low light conditions, as a lot of gamers use dim lighting to be able to increase the focus on the screen. Alienware discontinued the 11, 14 and 18 inch laptops; currently, they are producing models in the 13, 15 and 17 inch range. 

A lot of users talk about how robust their Alienware laptop is built, with a strong chassis that allows for long term survival. This does make them bulkier than most other laptops, but with the quality of build that is understandable. In case one wants to upgrade their graphics it is cheaper to buy the Alienware Graphics Amplifier rather than changing one's graphics card. The latest models have more simple methods to swap out components, this was always difficult with gaming rigs. That inability made them obsolete eventually.

The batteries are average quality still, with a laptop using this level of components Alienware needs to improve this area of their product. With fancy lights in the trackpad and sides of the laptop as well, Alienware laptops are also 'cool' looking machines aside from the massive amounts of power they are built with.

A high end brand that has a price point to match, making their machines costly. Gaming laptops in general are expensive due to the components needed to produce that level of streamlined performance. The other brands that are producing gaming laptops in this league include Sager, MSI, Asus and Razer.

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The best price of Alienware Laptop in Pakistan is Rs. 624,999 and the estimated average price is Rs. 752,545.

Price List

Model Price
Dell Alienware X17 - R2 Gaming Laptop Rs. 789,500
Dell Alienware X15-R2 i9-12900H 32GB 1TB SSD Gami… Rs. 753,999
Dell Alienware X17-R2 i9-12900H 32GB 1TB SSD Gami… Rs. 798,499
Dell Alienware m18 AMD Ryzen 9 7845HX 32GB 1TB SS… Rs. 650,999
Dell Alienware 17 X17 R2 Core i9 12th GEN 32GB/2T… Rs. 944,999
Dell Alienware M15 R7, Core i7 12th Gen (16Gb/1Tb… Rs. 634,999
Dell Alienware M15 R7, Core i7 12th Gen (32Gb/1Tb… Rs. 699,999
Dell AlienWare 15 X15 R2 Core i9 12th GEN 32GB/2T… Rs. 824,999
Dell Alienware M15 R7, AMD Ryzen 7 (16GB/1Tb) 307… Rs. 624,999
Dell AlienWare 17 X17 R2 Core i9 12th GEN 32GB/01… Rs. 919,999
Dell Alienware M17 R5, AMD Ryzen 9 Processor 6900… Rs. 634,999