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Compare 3 prices from 3 stores.

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Rs. 92500 - Rs. 319000


An all in on PC that combines the monitor and computer into one component. All the functions are the same as a regular desktop but it takes up lesser space. One only needs to connect the mouse and keyboard and they are ready to go. The price of an all in one PC depends on the specific one you choose, prices range from the mid to high end.


All in one PC

A kind of computer that combines the monitor and processing unit into one device, so users only need to connect a mouse and keyboard and are ready to use it. The Apple iMac is a kind of all in one PC as well, but like all Apple devices is a high-end machine with a high level of performance.

The advantage of an all in one PC is the fact that it is neater and for users who would have trouble with wires, this is more ideal. There is the downside of not being as easily upgradable as a regular desktop where the processing unit is separate and can be taken apart with ease. If the monitor on an all in one PC fails this would be a complicated issue whereas with a regular setup you can just get a new monitor and be working again. The internal components are mostly soldered down as well so they can be troublesome to replace.

The all in one PC is better as an ideal family use machine, they have lower end specs when it comes to the CPU and even lower specs when it comes the GPU. These machines do not work well for people with heavier tasks or gaming to do. This lower power also ties into the design as a slim body means lesser space for larger components and lesser space for proper cooling which is why they are pointedly made with lighter components; aside from the Apple iMac which is still a great machine but is very expensive as well.


There are different sizes of all in one PCs that one can opt for. Most also have speakers built into them, they are not great speakers but would do for one's basic music and movie experience. In the coming years, these kinds of PCs will become more ideal as mobile processors are becoming very powerful and once they reach a certain standard it will be easy to have an all in one PC which is powerful without the downside of overheating.

Almost all the top PC brands such as HP, Dell and Asus manufacture all in one PCs. The price is affected by the devices size, its specs and the brand it is made by.

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The best price of All In One Pc in Pakistan is Rs. 92,500 and the estimated average price is Rs. 181,833.

Price List

Model Price
HP All-in-One 24-cb1039nh Bundle All-in-One PC (6… Rs. 319,000
Lenovo Aio V30A i3-1005G1 4GB 1TB HDD All In One … Rs. 133,999
Asus ProArt LC 420 all-in-one CPU liquid cooler w… Rs. 92,500