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Compare 302 prices from 8 stores.

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Rs. 9262 - Rs. 215000


They have formal wear, causal, abayas, stoles, shoes and pants for women along with Kurta shalwar, Sherwani, shoes, stoles and cufflinks for men. There are jewellery pieces and statements necklaces for women along with exclusive perfumes with floral notes.


Almirah was the second fashion brand to be launched under Junaid Jamshed's company called U & I Group. J. was established in 2002 and had continued success in the market for modesty wear that was sharia-compliant and sold their clothing in a way that Muslims could comfortably shop without any religious constraints or conflict.

Design Philosophy

Almirah creates collections that are focused on the revival of traditional eastern wear in Pakistan. They celebrate the rich Muslim cultural and architectural heritage through their summer lawn collection that has detailed designs for shalwar, kameez and dupatta combination. They also have a summer pret collection made in lawn fabric material. Almirah is a 360 design house with apparel for men and women in both casual and formal wear, exclusive perfumes, footwear and accessories for all ages under one roof.

Textile Innovation

Almirah has a contemporary approach to fabric, their unique combinations of applique embroideries, durable cotton and lawn grammage make their clothes lightweight and value for money. The usage of fine printing that looks like embroidery from afar is a great way to keep clothing breathable in the summer. Depending on the spring and summer season, they release designs in silk, chiffon, cotton, cambric and lawn. They are inspired directly by the dreamy Victorian floral gardens, new age Renaissance, Aztec, Arabian and other Islamic architecture aesthetics.

Runway Fashion  

The blend of western runway fashion and middle-eastern drapery are a part of the formal and party wear collection design philosophy. These dresses can be worn with pants or as dresses depending on your personal preferences. They are great as tops with flared pants and jeans. The Almirah fashion house believes in offering modest wear while also catering to the wider international market. They want women to be able to personalise their style with separates of different varieties. Ladies can pair a patterned, textured and various wide-leg pants with their favourite shirt. These collections are in dark tones, metallic gradients and pastels to offer a wide choice for ladies. The statement gold threadwork and geometric motifs are urban and contemporary when compared to other Pakistani fashion brands. 

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The best price of Almirah Clothing in Pakistan is Rs. 9,262.50 and the estimated average price is Rs. 17,320.

Price List

Model Price
Grey Sherwani - AL-SW-084 Rs. 46,670
Maroon Blended Sherwani - AL-SW-144 Rs. 40,510
Beige Sherwani - AL-SW-078 Rs. 53,140
Ash Grey Blended Kameez Shalwar - ALWA-KS-422 Rs. 9,900
Brown Blended Kameez Shalwar - ALWA-KS-402 Rs. 9,600
Black & Gold Blended Sherwani - AL-SW-137 Rs. 37,430
Brown 2 Piece Stitched - ALP-420 Rs. 9,450
Light Grey Blended Kameez Shalwar - ALWA-KS-424 Rs. 9,900
Black Blended Sherwani - AL-SW-134 Rs. 47,700
Light Grey Blended Kameez Shalwar - ALWA-KS-394 Rs. 9,450
Beige Blended Kameez Shalwar - ALWA-KS-401 Rs. 9,600