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The best price of Almond Oil in Pakistan is Rs. 78 and estimated average price is Rs. 607.


Extracted from the seeds that grow inside the drupe of an almond tree, almond oil is used for its beneficial properties. This can be for hair, skin or overall health. The price of almond oil is high.


Almond Oil

Almonds are native to the region of Iran and its neighbouring countries. Today it is cultivated all around the world. The oil extracted from the seeds and is used by people for multiple reasons due to its many qualities. 

Although almonds have more nutrients, the oil contains vitamin-E, vitamin-K, magnesium, phosphorus and copper. There are three types of fat present in almond oil. The majority is monounsaturated fat, parts are polyunsaturated fats and a small portion is saturated fats.

Benefits and uses of almond oil

Almond oil has been used for centuries to keep the skin healthy and moisturised. It is also applied in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine for eczema and psoriasis. The large quantities of vitamin-E are very helpful as it is considered to help slow down the ageing process.

Vitamin-E is also known to be helpful in fighting diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular issues, cataracts and diabetes. The polyunsaturated fats are good for the cardiovascular system. While monounsaturated fats increase HDL, the good cholesterol.

People use almond oil for their hair, skin, heart health and as an antioxidant for overall improved health.

Almond oil has also been shown to help reduce stretch marks ìn the abdominal area. If used closer to when the marks can or do develop, the oil would be more efficient.

Aside from the therapeutic uses, almond oil is used in foods as a dressing or as cooking oil. It has a similar smoke point as olive oil due to which it can be swapped into any recipe which has olive oil in it. One should not use it to fry or heat at too high a temperature as that destroys the nutrients, this holds true for most such oils.

The flavour profile is different and would affect the outcome fo the dish of course. Almond oil would add a hint of nuttiness, along with the many health benefits.

Sweet VS bitter almond oil

The sweet oil is a fixed oil and is the one used on hair, skin and also to cook in. Bitter almond oil is the essential oil concentrate that is volatile and is used for flavouring and scent. Essential oils are not to be consumed unless under the supervision of a doctor.


People who are allergic to almonds should avoid the oil as well, as they could have a similar anaphylactic reaction to it.

Like most oils extracted from dry fruits, almond oil is expensive to buy. 

Price List

Model Price
Almond Oil Rs. 200
Almond Oil Rs. 200
Non Sticky Almond Oil Rs. 280
100% Wellness Bitter Almond Oil - 120ml Rs. 1,135
Almond Oil Sweet - 250ml - SAC Rs. 480
Organic Glow | Hair Care | Almond Oil Rs. 1,100
Almond Oil 100ml Rs. 1,200
Almond Oil Rs. 200
Life Buoy Shampoo Strong & Thick With Almond Oil … Rs. 226
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