Alpina Air Purifier Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Alpina Air Purifier in Pakistan is Rs. 9,899 and estimated average price is Rs. 34,749.


A great way to get rid of pollutants and irritants from your air is to have an Alpina Air Purifier in your indoor spaces. It can help filter dust, pollen and more; giving you cleaner air to breathe.


A simple solution to having cleaner indoors is to get an Alpina Air Purifier.

It is designed with various filters that help get rid of allergens, dust and other particles that could cause issues as well. Having the Alpina Air Purifier running will allow you to have cleaner air despite all the pollution one has to deal with today.

The various filters include a pre-filter, carbon filter and a HEPA filter. These air purifiers have ionizers that also help grab particles from the air. When the filters need to be changed there is an indicator light that informs you. You could also set a timer in case you want the machine to work for a certain number of hours. 

An Alpina Air Purifier is especially useful for people who have seasonal allergies in the Spring time. There is an air quality sensor so you know what level your air quality is at and how much longer you want to have your purifier running.

The size of the space affects how well the filter works and the time it takes.

Price List

Model Price
Alpina Table Lamp Aroma Humidifier (SF-5060) - IS… Rs. 21,357
Alpina Air Purifier 3 Filter SF-5066 Rs. 43,500
Alpina Air Purifier (SF-5066) Rs. 43,090
Alpina Air Purifier 3 Filter SF-5065 Rs. 9,899
Alpina Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier (SF-5062) … Rs. 17,103
SF-5066 Alpina Air Purifier 30m3 (Pre Hepa and Ca… Rs. 52,900
Alpina SF-5066 Air Purifier 30m3 Rs. 55,399
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