Alpina Dual-air Grill

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Compare 2 prices from 1 stores.

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Alpina Dual-Air Grills emerge as an innovative grilling option, boasting a distinctive feature that is two independent heating elements. The grills present an intriguing choice for grill enthusiasts seeking precise heat control and culinary flexibility.


Independent Heating

The standout feature of Alpina Dual-Air Grills lies in their two separate heating elements, one dedicated to the top grill, and the other to the bottom.

This innovation unlocks precise control over heat distribution, offering a range of cooking possibilities.

Direct & Indirect Grilling

Harness high heat on the top element for searing, coupled with low heat on the bottom for slow cooking, such as achieving the perfect rotisserie chicken.

Zone Grilling

Establish distinct heat zones on the grill surface, allowing simultaneous cooking of various ingredients at their optimal temperatures.

Double-Decker Grilling

Activate both elements simultaneously for expedited cooking or intensified grilling on both sides.

Cooking Versatility

Alpina Dual-Air Grills transcend traditional grilling, incorporating versatility into their design. Certain models come equipped with rotisserie spits, griddle plates, and even wok attachments, broadening your culinary horizons.

Fuel Options

Select from gas-powered models for the quintessential outdoor grilling experience or opt for electric versions for the convenience of indoor use. This flexibility accommodates various preferences and living situations.

Size & Features

Depending on the model, Alpina Dual-Air Grills offer options suitable for compact balconies to expansive patios.

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The best price of Alpina Dual-air Grill in Pakistan is Rs. 39,450 and the estimated average price is Rs. 39,450.

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ALPINA Dual-Air Grill SF6012-White Rs. 39,450
ALPINA Dual-Air Grill SF6013-Red Rs. 39,450