Alpina Hot Plate

Compare 19 prices from 6 stores.

Compare 19 prices from 6 stores.

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Rs. 9000 - Rs. 200000


Alpina hot plates provide a practical solution for basic cooking needs, especially in space-constrained settings. Their double burners, efficient heating and portability make them suitable for various scenarios. Alpina's strong regional presence and competitive pricing often make it an appealing choice.


Double Burner Efficiency

Alpina hot plates are known for their double burner configuration, allowing you to cook two dishes simultaneously.

With options like cast iron, stainless steel, or ceramic cooktops, they cater to different heat distribution preferences and cleaning styles.

Power Play

Offering varying wattage options from 1500W to 2500W, Alpina hot plates ensure fast heating times and efficient cooking.

Some models even feature individual temperature controls for each burner, providing flexibility in your cooking.

Safety Prioritized

Alpina emphasizes safety with features such as overheat protection and indicator lights. Additional elements like non-slip feet and cool-touch handles contribute to a secure cooking experience.


Alpina hot plates are not limited to the kitchen, they can be convenient companions for camping trips, student dormitories, or small office kitchens. Their compact size and portability make them suitable for tight spaces.


The best price of Alpina Hot Plate in Pakistan is Rs. 9,000 and the estimated average price is Rs. 30,125.

Price List

Model Price
Alpina Hot Plate SF-6004 Rs. 9,999
Alpina SF-6002 Single hot plate 1500W Rs. 9,832
Anex AG-2065 Hot Plate Rs. 14,500
Anex Deluxe Hot Plate AG-2166 Rs. 13,500
Anex AG-2061 Hot Single Plate Rs. 9,720
Anex AG-2166 Deluxe Hot Plate Digital Rs. 16,190
Anex AG-2165 Deluxe Hot Plate Digital Rs. 14,000
Anex AG-2062 Hot Double Plate Rs. 14,040
Anex Hot Plate 2061 Rs. 9,000
Anex 2065 Hot Plate Rs. 10,453
Anex Hot Plate 2062 Rs. 14,000
Anex AG-2062 Hot Plate Double Rs. 17,334