Alpina Stick Hand Blender

Compare 63 prices from 16 stores.

Compare 63 prices from 16 stores.

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Rs. 8200 - Rs. 65000


An easy tool to use for many little instances, an Alipina stick hand blender is a quick fix to make chutneys, sauces, it can be used in soups and more. The price is affordable, making this a valuable appliance for your kitchen.


Alpina has stick hand blenders that can be used easily. One side is the handle and the other, the lower portion, has blades that are motorised. This blender can be used in smaller containers or inside a pot that is cooking too which makes this kind of blender very convenient.

The Alpina stick hand blender can even help you whisk things such as eggs or if you are looking to churn butter and even make lassi. There are models that have different heads that you can attach depending on what you are looking to use it for and there are also different speeds that can help you achieve a better result.

Alpina stick hand blenders are available for affordable prices so it makes them high in value.

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The best price of Alpina Stick Hand Blender in Pakistan is Rs. 8,200 and the estimated average price is Rs. 15,317.

Price List

Model Price
Sencor Stick Blender SHB4359BK Rs. 12,300
Anex Deluxe Hand Blender AG-126 Rs. 8,500
Anex Deluxe Hand Blender AG-209 Rs. 11,000
Philips Hand Blender HR-2531 Rs. 11,500
Alpina SF-1005 Hand Blender 3 In 1 Rs. 14,174
Braun Hand Blender MQ-3035 Rs. 17,500
Anex AG-133 – Deluxe Hand Blender Rs. 12,000
Anex AG-128 Hand Blender Rs. 9,000
Anex AG-121 Hand Blender 300W Rs. 8,520
Braun MultiQuick 3-in-1 Hand Blender MQ3125B Rs. 22,500
Alpina Sf-1018 Hand Blender Rs. 8,909
Panasonic Hand Blender MX-SS1 Rs. 14,999