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For the adventurers and globetrotters who find solace in a steaming cup of tea or coffee, Alpina Travel Kettles emerge as a fitting companion. The blend of compact design, versatile heating options and swift boiling capabilities positions them as an ideal choice for solo or small-group travel.



Ranging between 0.5L and 0.8L, Alpina Travel Kettles strike a balance for solo or small-group brewing, emphasizing compactness and lightness (around 500 grams) for easy inclusion in your travel luggage.

Plug-in or Car Adapter

Offering flexibility, these kettles cater to various settings. Some are designed for direct plug-in to standard wall outlets.

Other models ingeniously utilize 12V car adapters, transforming your vehicle's cigarette lighter socket into a brewing haven.

Dual Voltage

Select models feature dual-voltage capability, enhancing their versatility for international voyages where power standards may differ.


Despite their compact nature, Alpina Travel Kettles excel in the heating department. Rapid boiling, with the ability to reach boiling point within 5-7 minutes, ensures you spend less time waiting and more time savouring your travels.

Safety & Insulation

Some models integrate automatic shut-off for enhanced safety during use. For those who enjoy a leisurely sip, double-walled insulation in select models helps keep your beverage warm for a more extended period.

Concealed Heating Elements

Certain kettles feature concealed heating elements. They contribute significantly to the ease of cleaning, safety and overall longevity of the appliance.

For individuals seeking a hassle-free and visually appealing kettle experience, the concealed heating element becomes a valuable feature, aligning with the modern standards of both form and function in kitchen appliances.

Size & Weight

It is noteworthy that added features might result in a slightly larger size and weight, urging travellers to find a balance between perks and portability.

Niche Fulfillment

While not revolutionary in terms of technology, Alpina Travel Kettles carve a niche by aptly addressing the specific needs of travellers.

Their focus on portability, varied heating options and rapid boiling align with the demands of those who seek a comforting brew regardless of their location.

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The best price of Alpina Travel Kettle in Pakistan is Rs. 9,111 and the estimated average price is Rs. 9,111.

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Alpina SF-2101 Electric Kettle Rs. 9,111