Always Pads

Compare 3 prices from 2 stores.

Compare 3 prices from 2 stores.


Rs. 600 - Rs. 930


To combat menstrual cycle fatigue and stress use the Always pads that are designed with advanced leak guard technology and super absorbent materials to provide maximum relief and comfort to women of all ages.


Design & Dry Comfort 

The variety of Always pads are so that women are able to pick and choose what works for their individual menstrual flow and patterns. There are cotton top ultrathin Always pads that are ideal for lightweight form factor making them highly comfortable to wear for several hours. They are packed in foldable design that is easy to carry in your purse or bag. The wrapping comes with sealing tape to help dispose of when it is time to change the pad. 

Always pads do not need to be washed as they are disposable and used only once. The liquid gel at the centre of the pad ensures that liquid is quickly dehydrated and contained inside without leaking or overflowing. The fragrance added to the pad helps cover up any odour or unpleasant accumulation of smells around the body. 


The comfort of wearing sanitary pads and napkins helps women experience without disrupting their daily life, work or studies. There are various sizes available in Always pads starting from small to extra-long that can be used at various times of the day and for extra support during the night. The design also considered the containing of various levels of flow that are also an essential part of choosing the right sanitary pad for your personal experience. Young girls and teenagers can practise and experiment what suits them more with a thicker maxi pad that offers comfort and support with cotton top material that is softer and gentler on the skin.   

Leak Guard

The special wings designed into the pad make sure that no accidents occur saving your clothes from unwanted stains and damage. The Always pad had up to 8 to 12 hours of coverage that helps women feel confident and safe while on their period. 

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The best price of Always Pads in Pakistan is Rs. 600 and the estimated average price is Rs. 727.

Price List

Model Price
ALWAYS T3 duo pack pad 18pcs Rs. 930
Always Dailies Singles Pantyliners, Normal, 20-Pa… Rs. 600
Always Daily Fresh Normal Wrapped Odour Lock Pant… Rs. 650