Amazon Echo Price in Pakistan

The best price of Amazon Echo in Pakistan is Rs. 6,500 and estimated average price is Rs. 19,264.


The Amazon Echo is an intelligent sound operating speaker with a builtin Alexa functionality making it able to operate all Smart third-party devices in the home. The digital assistant called Alexa is an Amazon cloud-based voice service highly adaptive and compatible enough to integrate into all kinds of home and office eco-systems.

Pros & Cons


  • Smart, efficient and highly organised

  • Voice command

  • Clear Sound

  • Integrates easily with third-party mobile devices


  • Needs Software Updates

  • Dependent on Cloud services and linkages

  • Needs unlimited internet data



The Alexa interface is simple, once connected to your smartphone, laptop, desktop and the home system it can perform any related task for you. Using voice command feature or controlled through the smartphone, it can play, search and research information for you.

Playing your music library or songs from the internet becomes as simple as asking the Echo speaker through Alexa's assistance. It can also help you make extensive shopping lists, set alarms, read out weather forecasts, traffic updates, news and perform accurate mathematical calculations for you. Projects become easier to complete, the organisation of tasks become easy and well stored in the Echo record-keeping files. 

The Alexa features can be controlled remotely, taking your speaker to a picnic or on the road will ensure you can access the internet and play your favourite songs by simple using the voice command. Most of the Echo series including echo plus, echo dot, FireTV, Fire Tablet have Alexa making it compatible across all Amazon devices. 

Smart Home

The idea to use automation to manage lights, cooling and heating can save electricity while adding comfort to the home. The Echo has an advanced sensitive 7 far-field microphone that will be able to hear you from across the room. Even with noise, music and other loud environments noise the Amazon Echo will be able to respond promptly to voice commands. Now setting the morning alarm will be simple and other reminders will help make life more efficient and optimised. 

Through an Amazon Echo controlling the colour, pulse, opacity and temperature of smart bulbs and led lights can be used to create various moods. You can even set commands for door locking systems, kitchen appliances, toilet switches and any other smart home devices. 

Alexa vs Google Assistant 

When comparing the two virtual assistants the Google Assistant surpasses the Alexa version as it is adaptive, free-form, being able to handle all web-based queries better than Alexa. Google Assistant is not dependent on Wikipedia like Alexa and can search related keywords whereas Alexa requires exact word commands. 

Price List

Model Price
Amazon Echo Flex Plug-in mini smart speaker with … Rs. 9,999
Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Generation Smart Speaker Char… Rs. 7,999
Amazon Echo Show 5 Sand Stone Rs. 22,488
Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Generation) Smart Speaker wi… Rs. 17,399
Amazon Echo Show Black Rs. 27,749
Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Generation) Smart Speaker wi… Rs. 17,399
Amazon Speaker Echo 2nd generation – Sandstone Fa… Rs. 10,929
Amazon Echo Input Alexa Bluetooth Speaker Black Rs. 6,500
Amazon Echo 2nd Generation Smart Speaker Walnut F… Rs. 14,999
Amazon Echo 2nd Generation Smart Speaker Sandston… Rs. 14,999
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