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Compare 11 prices from 3 stores.

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Rs. 16000 - Rs. 103999


What more could be convenient for readers than owning a device that works as a portable library that you can take along anywhere and read any book you want to on the go. Amazon Kindle is an e-reader that is portable, sleek, stylish and houses endless e-books, magazines, newspapers and other digital media that you can read and view at a click of a button. If you are looking for one check out Amazon Kindle price in Pakistan, its features and best models on this page.



Avid readers cant go about without carrying their favourite books with them so that they can sit and read whenever they get time at school, offices, home or while travelling etc. Whether you are at home or office, on your bed or out in the terrace or even travelling, you can take your Amazon kindle reader device with you and read your favourite books, magazines, newspapers etc whenever and wherever you like. Buying and maintaining books is not an easy task and also one cant carry multiple books at the same time as they take up a lot of space. They also tend to increase the weight of your luggage if your planning on packing in a bunch of books while travelling. Here's where the Kindle device comes in. An e-reading portable device that enables you to read any book anywhere you prefer. You don't need a WIFI connection to read books, it is only needed for browsing, buying or downloading. Once you are past that, you can read the e-books without having to connect to WIFI. 


1. The latest models are available in 8 GB Wi-Fi, 32 GB Wi-Fi and 32 GB Wi-Fi + 4G LTE models.

2. 6 inches to 7-inch 300ppi E Ink display

3. One-handed design

4. Waterproof

5. Aluminium/metal body

6. Bluetooth support

7. Micro USB for charging

8. 25 LED front light

9. Adjustable colour temperature to warmer tones

10. Doesn't offer USB C support

11. Can read out content through external speakers connected via Bluetooth 

12. Great battery life

13. You can charge Kindle by connecting it to a computer's USB port or to an AC adapter

14. Send-to-Kindle service enables you to send PNG, GIF, Microsoft Word documents, HTML pages and BMP graphics directly to your Kindle library at Amazon. This can be accessed by all Kindle app users.

Best Amazon Kindle Models in Pakistan

1. Voyage (WiFi)

2. Paperwhite 6" 3G + Wi-Fi

3. Oasis 7" Waterproof

4. Fire 7 32GB WiFi 

Tablet VS Amazon Kindle

People fond of reading often get confused between buying a tablet and the Kindle reader. Let us make it easier for you by suggesting that if you require a device that does more than just being a reading platform then a tablet is a better option for you. If you are someone who doesn't require anything more than an e-reader in a device, then the Kindle reader is definitely what you should go for. While you will get a better experience with a tablet in terms of tactile feedback and visuals, the Kindle device is much more portable, sleek and handy and is also soothing to the eyes. Some people also download Amazon Kindle app on their devices in the quest to reap the same benefits as the Kindle e-reader, only to be left disappointed because of the annoying backlight of the mobile or tablet makes it impossible to read for a longer duration. From its creation in November 2007 till today, Kindle has evolved through 10 generations.

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The best price of Amazon Kindle in Pakistan is Rs. 16,000 and the estimated average price is Rs. 55,016.

Price List

Model Price
Amazon Kindle Oasis 32GB B07GRSK3HC Rs. 103,999
Amazon Kindle Oasis 32GB B07KR2N2GF Rs. 102,999
Amazon Kindle Paperwhite (11th Gen) 16GB - Black Rs. 46,499
Amazon Kindle Oasis 7" (10th Gen) 32GB - Champagn… Rs. 96,199
Amazon Kindle Paperwhite (11th Gen) 6.8" Signatu… Rs. 59,499
Amazon Kindle 6" (11th Gen) Kids E-Reader 16GB Oc… Rs. 42,499
Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 6.8" eReader 11th Gen Wi… Rs. 59,999
Amazon Kindle Paperwhite (11th Gen) Kids 6.8" Dis… Rs. 52,499