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The best price of Amica Coffee Maker in Pakistan is Rs. 2,880 and estimated average price is Rs. 20,500.


One of the most commonly consumed drinks is coffee, for some, it is a lot easier to have a coffee maker at home so they can get their fix whenever they need it. Amica produces coffee makers that one can easily have at home and prepare better coffee at home with. The prices are in an affordable range, so one won't be spending too much on their coffee cravings.


Amica is a Polish brand, it produces a range of appliances and one can also find coffee makers from the brand.

There is an expresso machine that can do everything from heating the water to the grinding of the beans. It even has a frothing nozzle so you can get that foamy top layer that people love. The machine lets you set the brew strength and the volume once everything is ready. These steps are easy so you do not need to do much work.

A drip coffee maker is a bit different and Amica has that kind too. This machine also lets you set the brew strength and lets the coffee drip into the jug below which is set onto a heating plate, this keeps the coffee warm for longer periods. The jug contains black coffee and you could add milk to it, but will not have a frother to add your foamy milk to it.

Having an Amica coffee maker at home or in the office will make it super easy to get your coffee whenever you need it. You can also choose the beans you like so the taste is along your preference.

The price of Amica coffee makers is in an affordable range so more people can have access to this handy appliance.

Price List

Model Price
Philips Coffee Maker HD7432 Rs. 20,200
Anex 150 Watts Deluxe Grinder AG 632 Rs. 5,200
Anex 850 Watts Deluxe Coffee Maker AG 825 Rs. 22,050
Black & Beauty DCM25 Coffee Maker with Permanent … Rs. 5,400
Braun MultiServe Coffee Maker (KF9170SI) Rs. 51,400
Sencor Coffee Maker, SCE-3050SS Rs. 7,299
Black & Decker Coffee Maker, DCM-85 Rs. 20,500
Black & Decker Coffee Maker (DCM80) Rs. 13,500
Westpoint Coffee Maker Rs. 8,950
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