Anex Coffee Maker Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Anex Coffee Maker in Pakistan is Rs. 18,025 and estimated average price is Rs. 20,978.


Getting an Anex coffee maker will allow you to make yourself a refined cup of coffee at home with ease. This machine could also be used in cafes to serve customers well-made coffee. The price of Anex coffee maker is in a somewhat affordable range.


The Anex coffee makers can help you make the perfect cup of coffee at home for yourself or at your cafe to serve to a customer.

The options available are not very different in function, there is only a slight difference in design. Starting with the cup, the machine has a plate that heats the cup up so your coffee stays warm when it is poured.

There is a frother that lets you get a proper cup of cappuccino made or in case you want to make other hot beverages. The frothing nozzle can be detached so it is easier to clean. The filter is stainless steel and the holder for it is an aluminium alloy. The water tank is a 1.8-litre one so you have ample usage.

Anex coffee makers have a power rating of 850 Watts, this means they do consume quite some electricity. The unit itself does not take up too much space, so one can easily have it on the countertop.

The price of Anex coffee makers is in an affordable range.

Price List

Model Price
Anex 850 Watts Deluxe Coffee Maker AG 826 Rs. 23,100
Anex Coffee Maker AG-825 Rs. 21,485
Anex - Espresso Coffee Maker (Touch) 826 - E26 (S… Rs. 21,799
Anex 850 Watts Deluxe Coffee Maker AG 826 Rs. 23,100
Anex - Espresso Coffee Maker (Manual) 825 - E25 (… Rs. 20,799
Anex Deluxe Coffee Maker AG-826 Rs. 22,216
Anex Coffee Maker ANX- 825 Rs. 21,485
Anex Espresso Coffee Machine AG-826 Rs. 18,890
Anex 850 Watts Deluxe Coffee Maker Ag 826 Rs. 23,100
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