Anex Deep Fryer

Compare 52 prices from 11 stores.

Compare 52 prices from 11 stores.

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Rs. 11999 - Rs. 131999


The conventional cast-iron deep frying skillets are rapidly being replaced with gas and electric deep fryers. Anex has a range of high powered deep fryers that come in electric variety. The brand gives a 2-year warranty on its products and integrates advanced technology offering multiple advanced features to users. Check Anex Deep Fryer prices in Pakistan on this page and read on for more information. 


The Anex AG-2014 and AG 2020 Deep Fryers are amongst the most advanced appliances by the brand. AG 2020 has 1800 W of output power and comes with a cool to touch body. The fryer has a large capacity of 2.5 litres and can fry kebabs, French fries, nuggets, potato cheese balls etc. If fried at the right temperature and time duration, the result will be crispy, golden brown and evenly fried food items.

Easy to Clean Nonstick Coating

Anex Deep fryers come with removable inner pans and have a non-stick coating inside that prevents food items from sticking. This makes cleaning the appliance easy and fast. They also feature an indicator light and an adjustable thermostat.

Glass Window & Filter

There are smoke and odour filters inside the fryer as well as a viewing glass window. This makes frying fuss-free as one can keep a check without having to open the lid every time. This also helps prevent over frying. 

Buy Anex deep fryers at the best prices in Pakistan on our website. It is quite convenient to have a deep fryer around as one doesn't need to stir as with conventional woks. However, the important thing to note is that the electric deep fryers use large amounts of oil just like cast iron woks and skillets for deep frying. The oil can be reused for cooking or shallow frying omelettes and kebabs etc in a frying pan. 

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The best price of Anex Deep Fryer in Pakistan is Rs. 11,999 and the estimated average price is Rs. 29,463.

Price List

Model Price
ANEX Deep Fryer AG-2014 Rs. 14,950
Anex Deep Fryer – AG-2012 – White Rs. 16,950
Anex - Deep Fryer (1800 W) - 2014 (SNS) Rs. 20,199
Anex - Deep Fryer (1800 W) - 2012 (SNS) Rs. 29,399
ANEX Deep Fryer AG-2012 1800Watt Rs. 14,125
Anex AG-2014 Deep Fryer Rs. 19,500
Anex AG-2014 Deep Fryer Rs. 20,500
Anex AG-2014 – Deep Fryer – Black Rs. 17,940
Anex AG-2012 Deep Fryer Rs. 18,430
Anex AG-2012 Deep Fryer Rs. 27,500
Anex AG-2014 Deep Fryer Rs. 20,490
Anex AG-2019 deep Fryer Rs. 28,600