Anex Food Factory Price in Pakistan

The best price of Anex Food Factory in Pakistan is Rs. 16,981 and estimated average price is Rs. 20,123.


Anex started out in 1999 as an electronics company in Pakistan and is owned by Kashif Electronics. The brand's food factory is one of the most popular kitchen appliances in the country. It assists kitchen workers with quick dicing, slicing, blending, chopping or shredding of multiple food items, saving precious time and a lot of effort. The prices of Anex food factory in Pakistan vary depending on the versatility of the model.


Best Model - Anex Food Factory AG-3157

It is one of the most affordable multifunction food factory available in Pakistan and functions as a chopper, blender, grinder, slicer, shredder, fruit filter, juice extractor etc. With this all-in-one machine, you can grind masalas, chop and cut vegetables, slice chocolate, nuts and cheese as well as blend and shred food items. You can also puree food in the included plastic jar. AG-3157 comes with a 1.5-litre blender, a fruit tray and features a 3-speed setting. other than AG 3157, the Anex AG-2150 is also one of the best food factories by the manufacturer.

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Price List

Model Price
Anex Food Factory AG-2150EX – Kitchen Robot Rs. 17,500
Anex Food Factory 400W AG-3153 Rs. 16,981
Anex (AG-2150 S/B) Kitchen Robot Rs. 17,160
Anex Food Factory 700W AG-3151 Rs. 19,400
Anex Food Factory AG-3151 Rs. 23,400
Anex Deluxe Food Processor (AG-3156) Rs. 23,897
Anex 1041 food factory Rs. 20,400
Anex Food Factory (AG-3153) - ISPK-0008 Rs. 22,253
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