Anex Hand Mixer

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Compare 30 prices from 7 stores.

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Rs. 4250 - Rs. 20800


Anex hand mixers can add some ease to your food prep. A tool that can help you prepare your cake batter, cookie dough or whisk eggs and more. The price of Anex hand mixers is generally affordable.


A hand mixer can make a lot of tasks easier by making the process faster and not requiring one to manually do it. The Anex hand mixers are designed similar to most other hand mixers.

These hand mixers can be used to mix cake batter evenly, whisk eggs, churn butter, prepare cookie dough and more. There are speed settings so one can choose the more appropriate speed for their task.

If you have a kitchen where you have more volume, an Anex hand mixer can be especially useful for that. Whisking a lot of eggs would be exhausting and time-consuming, with a hand mixer you could get it done in a jiff.

The price of Anex hand mixers is in an affordable range.

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The best price of Anex Hand Mixer in Pakistan is Rs. 4,250 and the estimated average price is Rs. 8,545.

Price List

Model Price
ANEX Hand Mixer AG393 Rs. 5,600
ANEX Hand Mixer AG-399 Rs. 5,800
ANEX Hand Mixer AG-815 250W Rs. 4,250
ANEX Hand Mixer AG-817 350W Rs. 5,150
ANEX Hand Mixer AG-816 250W Rs. 4,999
ANEX Hand Mixer AG-392 250Watts Rs. 5,925
Anex AG-814 Hand Mixer Rs. 4,940
Anex AG-392 Hand Mixer Rs. 7,700
Anex AG-817 Hand Mixer Rs. 5,065
Anex AG-814 Hand Mixer Rs. 9,146
Anex 399 Deluxe Hand Mixer 250W Rs. 7,540