Anex Meat Mincer Price in Pakistan

Compare 66 prices from 17 stores. The best price of Anex Meat Mincer in Pakistan is Rs. 2,960 and the estimated average price is Rs. 16,818.


Anex produces manual and electric meat mincers, one can choose the apt one based on their needs and budget. The manual meat mincer could be a great backup in case of load-shedding. The electronic meat mincer makers quick and easy work of your meat prep. Having a meat mincer at home makes it a lot easier to have fresh mincemeat. The price of Anex meat mincer is mid-range, with the manual one costing a lot less.


Anex has meat mincers in two forms, one is electric and the other is a manual crank-based mincer. The former makes it a lot easier to mince your meat. Both types have a feeding tray that makes feeding the mincer meat a lot safer and simpler.

Having an Anex meat mincer at home lets you make mince of clean meat unlike at many shops where they mix in all kinds of meat to reduce their waste but customers take a hit on quality. One can also choose how much fat they want in their mince if they need it for specific things such as burger patties. There are also multiple blades that are made from stainless steel, you can choose the one that works for you based on the thickness of mince you need.

The meat mincers from Anex allow one to take them apart and clean them up so there is no dirt, keeping your mincemeat safer. These mincers are small-sized and easily fit on top of your kitchen counter for use.


The price of an Anex meat mincer depends on the specific type, the manual one is in a very affordable range while the electronic one is a bit more costly, still not a particularly expensive machine.

Price List

Model Price
Anex Handy Meat Mincer Red AG-09 Rs. 2,960
Westpoint WF-F09 Handy Meat Mincer Rs. 3,056
Manual Meat Grinder Rs. 3,199
Aluminum Alloy Meat Grinder / Mincer Machine Rs. 3,200
Blade Chopper Meat Grinder Rs. 3,298
Anex - Handy Meat Mincer - 9 (SNS) Rs. 3,399
Meat Grinder Mincer Aluminum Alloy Rs. 3,434
Anex Hand Juicer + Meat Mincer AG-13 Rs. 3,515
Anex AG-13 Handy Meat Mincer And Juicer Rs. 4,310
Anex AG-9 Handy meat mincer Rs. 4,352
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Compare 66 prices from 17 stores.

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