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Compare 143 prices from 16 stores.

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Rs. 7960 - Rs. 175000


Anex, a renowned brand in Pakistan, is celebrated for its top-tier affordable household appliances, and its microwave ovens are no exception. Anex microwave ovens present a myriad of features tailored to elevate the cooking experience in Pakistani kitchens.



Anex microwave ovens offer unmatched convenience. Simply insert your food, set the timer, and go about your tasks. Perfect for reheating leftovers, defrosting frozen items or preparing quick and hassle-free meals.

Save Time & Energy 

Anex microwave ovens expedite the cooking process, making them a time-saving solution, particularly beneficial for busy families aiming to put dinner on the table promptly.

Microwaves, being more energy-efficient than traditional ovens, contribute to reduced electricity costs.

Versatile Power Levels

These microwave ovens offer multiple power levels, providing the flexibility to choose the ideal intensity for diverse cooking requirements, whether it's reheating, defrosting or preparing a complete meal.

Sequential Cooking Stages

Many Anex models facilitate programmed cooking stages, enabling users to sequence various tasks. This proves invaluable for intricate recipes demanding different cooking durations and temperatures.

Efficient Defrost Setting

Bid farewell to lengthy thawing times. Anex microwaves feature a dedicated defrost setting that gently and evenly thaws food, saving time and ensuring uniform cooking.

Rotating Turntable Tray

The inclusion of a rotating turntable tray ensures even heat distribution, eliminating hot spots and guaranteeing uniformly cooked food.

Cooking Completion Alert

Upon completion of the cooking process, Anex microwaves emit a beep, eliminating the need for constant checking and preventing overcooked meals.

Cooking Timer

Set the timer and forget about it. Anex microwaves come equipped with a built-in timer, eliminating guesswork and enabling multitasking while ensuring perfect cooking.

Sleek & User-Friendly

These microwaves boast a contemporary and stylish design that seamlessly complements any kitchen decor. Designed with intuitive controls and clear displays, Anex microwaves ensure ease of use for everyone.

Durable Build

Anex crafts its microwave oven with longevity in mind and utilizes high-quality materials to withstand the rigours of everyday use.

Child Safety

Certain models also have a child safety locking mechanism to make sure children do not get hurt by opening it when the inside is heating up.

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The best price of Anex Microwave Oven in Pakistan is Rs. 7,960 and the estimated average price is Rs. 33,472.

Price List

Model Price
Anex Microwave Oven (Mannual) – AG-9028 Rs. 19,893
Anex Microwave Oven (Mannual) – AG-9021 Rs. 19,000
Anex Microwave Oven (Digital) – AG-9031 Rs. 25,584
Anex Microwave Oven -AG 9021 Rs. 17,225
Anex Microwave Oven Cool Touch – AG-9029 Rs. 20,674
Anex Microwave With Oven (Digital) – AG-9039 Rs. 30,523
Anex AG-9037 Microwave Oven Rs. 45,142
Anex Deluxe Microwave Oven (AG-9039) Rs. 44,160
Anex AG-9031 Microwave Oven Rs. 39,915
Anex AG-9028 Manual Microwave Oven Rs. 28,340
Anex 9039 Deluxe Microwave Oven 900W Rs. 42,320
Anex 9029 Deluxe Microwave Oven 700W Rs. 22,470