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Compare 51 prices from 9 stores.

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Rs. 5299 - Rs. 14700


Anex has a lot of different sandwich makers you could choose from. The major differences are in the design and mild differences in power consumption, although this is negligible. A quick way to prepare a toasted sandwich or a 'toastie' as it is also called. The price of Anex sandwich makers is in an affordable range.


A quick way to prepare a toasted sandwich is to use a sandwich maker. Anex has a range of options one can choose from. There are mostly design differences with some options that have different kinds of plates inside so there are more uses.

Your sandwiches will have melted cheese and the ingredients will be mixed together well due to how a sandwich maker works. The sandwich maker has a clamp at the handle that is used to close it tight, this makes sure the sandwich inside is pressed. Anex makes sandwich makers with nonstick insides so your sandwich does not get stuck while it is heating. There are timers so you know when it is ready to be taken out.

For most the plate inside is the standard one that cuts your sandwich into triangles and leaves a star-like imprint pressed onto it. With some of these you also get a waffle plate and a plain one as well, these let you make more than just sandwiches. The waffle plate can be used for waffles and the plain one is a great way to make a plain grilled sandwich.


The design of Anex's sandwich makers is simple and is all about its function, which is why it also has a way for it to be stood up when not in use. This helps with keeping the kitchen counter more free. The nonstick inside also makes it a lot easier to keep the sandwich maker clean.

The price of a sandwich maker from Anex is in an affordable range but is a very useful appliance to fix quick snacks.

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The best price of Anex Sandwich Maker in Pakistan is Rs. 5,299 and the estimated average price is Rs. 8,654.

Price List

Model Price
Anex Sandwich Maker 2039 Rs. 10,000
Anex Sandwich Maker 1037 Rs. 6,000
Anex Sandwich Maker 1039 Rs. 8,500
Anex Sandwich Maker (AG-2036) Rs. 7,980
Anex Sandwich Maker (AG-2044) Rs. 6,940
Anex Sandwich Maker – AG-2045 Rs. 5,636
Anex Sandwich Maker – AG-2044 Rs. 5,468
Anex Sandwich Maker AG-2036 Rs. 8,000
Anex Sandwich Maker AG-1035 Rs. 5,299
Anex Sandwich Maker AG-1033 Rs. 6,000
Anex Sandwich Maker (750 W) – AG-1038C Rs. 5,524