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The best price of Anex Toaster in Pakistan is Rs. 8,350 and estimated average price is Rs. 18,486.


The Anex Toaster is designed with ergonomic rounded edges, adjustable heating settings and multiple slots of toasting bread slices. There are a variety of designs and a 4 slot toaster for larger families.


Toasting bread is an essential breakfast and lunch preparation that requires controlled browning of bread slices. The Anex toaster offers a wide range of toasters with different voltages that can deliver consistent and quick toasted bread. With the toaster, you can prepare simple butter and toast for breakfast or elaborate sandwiches for lunch or dinner.

There are a few colour options as well including black, white and red that can easily integrate into your kitchen counter. The heat settings can be controlled using a slider or knob with a set timer to prevent burning the toast. The various heat settings are to customise the bread giving the user control over the crispness. The large slots ensure you can insert all kinds of roti and nan pieces when serving dinner. There is a holder that pops up from the toaster that can rest the hot bread to prevent burning your fingertips and this can also be used to heat croissants.

Price List

Model Price
Anex AG-1065 Deluxe Oven Toaster Rs. 9,680
Anex AG-1064 Deluxe Oven Toaster Rs. 9,350
Anex Oven Toaster Black Rs. 8,350
Anex AG-3066TT Oven Toaster 1300W Rs. 10,100
Anex AG-2070 2000W Oven Toaster Rs. 17,020
Anex Jumbo Oven AG-3071 Rs. 21,500
Anex AG-1065 Deluxe Oven Toaster Rs. 9,680
Anex AG-1069 Oven Toaster With BBQ Grill Rs. 11,650
Anex Oven Toaster (AG-3072) Rs. 22,800
Anex AG-3070 Oven Toaster 2000W Rs. 23,000
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