Angle Grinder

Compare 228 prices from 5 stores.

Compare 228 prices from 5 stores.

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Rs. 4500 - Rs. 192500


The Angle Grinder is a portable and compact tool also called a side grinder or disc grinder with a fixed speed of 9000 to 12000 RPM that can polish and grind metal pipes and thin-gauge materials.


Functionality & Design

With the right tool heads, Angle Grinders are available in various brands and depending on the company the prices begin from a lower end to high-grade quality. This machine will be able to perform multiple taskings including sanding and buffing surfaces. These tools can help save time and energy when working on small projects, they are an excellent addition to your woodshop and metal shop as they are often used in creating, repairing and assembling pieces of metal, brick and cement.

There are speed control settings and gradual starting of speed to maintain a steady and strong grip on the handle. The anti-vibration and non-slip handle is essential for precision work and keeping your hands safe at all time. The lock and unlocking system ensures the disc can be safely removed when needed and the grinder machine can easily be cleaned when finished.


One should wear all the protective gear recommended when using an angle grinder, this includes a shield for the face goggles, gloves and an thick work apron too.

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The best price of Angle Grinder in Pakistan is Rs. 4,500 and the estimated average price is Rs. 21,013.

Price List

Model Price
Hyundai Angle Grinder 750W (HP751-AG) Rs. 7,900
Hyundai Angle Grinder 2400W (HP2423-AG) Rs. 21,000
Hyundai Angle Grinder 1000W (HP1000L-AG) Rs. 10,200
Dechrang Professional Angle Grinder Rs. 7,000
Ingco Angle Grinder AG710382 Rs. 8,870
Ingco Angle Grinder AG10108 Rs. 24,750
Ingco Angle Grinder AG8508 Rs. 12,749
Ingco Angle Grinder AG23508 Rs. 26,055
Ingco Angle Grinder AG24008 Rs. 48,510
Ingco AG750282 Angle grinder Rs. 14,078
Stanley Angle Grinder STGT6100 Rs. 5,980
Ingco Angle Grinder AG20008 Rs. 23,283
Ingco AG1500182 Angle Grinder Rs. 21,622