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Compare 2,872 prices from 65 stores.

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Anhaar milk is a reliable dairy brand manufacturing its products at a state of the art SMPL Quality Lab that has advanced microbiological testing to ensure that their final product is fresh and nutritious. Their packaging is hygienic and stored at optimum temperatures preventing contamination or bacteria buildup.


As compared to other dairy brands that add preservatives in their formula, Anhaar Milk is considered farm fresh as it has no chemical additives. Simply pour yourself a cup of wholesome fresh milk ready to drink out of the bottle without worrying about bacteria. Their milk does not need to be boiled and has a shelf life of only 4-5 days that means the natural culture of the milk still contains all the essential nutrition of fresh milk. 

It is recommended that the bottle be stored in the refrigerator to extend the life of the product. Anhaar milk contains nine essential nutrients and vitamins, including protein, vitamins A, D, and B12, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, riboflavin, niacin, zinc, and magnesium. The tetra pack milk products are not as nutritious as Anhaar milk that can improve bone health, skin and nervous system.

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Nurpur Milk 250ml X 24 Rs. 2,299
Olpers Uht Plain Milk 1 Litre - Pack Of 6 Rs. 2,960
Olpers Badam Zafran 180ml Flavoured Milk Pack Of … Rs. 2,550
Olper's Full Cream Milk, 1500ml, 8 Piece Carton Rs. 3,160
Nurpur Full Cream Milk Carton, 1000ml x 12 Rs. 3,360
Olpers Milk 1.5Ltr 8 pcs in pack Rs. 3,160
Milkpak Full Cream Uht Milk 1000ml Pack Of 12 Rs. 3,900
Maymil Milk Powder 850 Gm Carton Rs. 14,640
Nestle Nesvita 200 ml (Pack of 24) Rs. 2,150
Nestle Milk Pak Active Milk Pack 12 x 1litre Rs. 3,360