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Compare 43 prices from 12 stores.

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Rs. 4940 - Rs. 31000


Anker Soundcore is a range of audio devices, speakers and headphones. Built well, with great battery times and sleek designs. The prices of Soundcore devices is competitive.


Known for being one of the best third-party producers of modern accessories. Among the many products are speakers, which they have put under the Soundcore label.

Anker Soundcore

A brand that was started to "bring audio to the people". The Soundcore range has multiple audio solutions including portable Bluetooth speakers and various kinds of earphones.

Soundcore speakers

The Bluetooth speakers have quite a few options, with names for the sub-lines. Their 'Rave' speakers are portable party speakers, that have built-in LED lights and are splash-proof. The 'Flare' range has pillar-like speakers that deliver 360degree sound and also have a ring of light on the base that are synced with the beat.

'Infini' is a line of soundbars that one can connect to their TV for a better soundscape. Other lines include Motion, Mini, Wakey and more. Anker Soundcore also have a feature that is included in some of their speakers known as BassUp. This allows the speakers to analyse the sound on the go and deliver more punch without adding distortion. The speaker designs are modern, fitting into our current world. This was part of the plan, to design the speakers well so they are also nice to look at.

Soundcore headphones

Their wearable audio variety is inclusive of earphones, wireless earbuds and headphones. The earphones have SweatGuard so they do not sustain damage while the wearer is working out. A technology that some of their wireless earbuds also share for the same reason. Their range is all designed for the modern time so these headphones allow you to answer calls. With some the controls are touch-based, so one can skip their songs by touching the earbud's surface.

The other technologies they include in some the more premium listening devices is balanced armature, which provides high-quality audio. They also have HearID, which analyses sound for the personal comfort of a specific user. So if anyone is bothered by too much treble HearID will take care of it. Anker Soundcore also makes use of diamond and graphene to improve the quality of their sound. In fact, it is one of the first brands to incorporate graphene into their products.

The playtime varies from design to design and model to model. Some play for 20 hours while others can have a playback time of 60 hours. Features vary, so every model does not have all the features. One can choose the features they want and the design one like.


Anker Soundcore products are of top quality with their great battery technology incorporated. The range is diverse enough for everyone to choose what they like. Along with a variation in prices, so one can pick something that is within their budget.

Generally, the prices with all Anker products are competitive, including the Soundcore line.

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The best price of Anker Soundcore in Pakistan is Rs. 4,940 and the estimated average price is Rs. 14,931.

Price List

Model Price
Anker Soundcore R500... Rs. 4,940
Anker Soundcore Icon Mini – Black – A3121011 Rs. 10,000
Anker Soundcore Liberty 4 Earbuds Rs. 27,899
Anker Soundcore R50i True Wireless Earbuds Rs. 7,500
Anker Soundcore R100 True Wireless Earbuds Rs. 6,899
Anker Soundcore Life Q45 Headphones Rs. 29,999
Anker Soundcore - Life Q20 Hybrid Active Noise Ca… Rs. 17,900
Anker Soundcore - Life Note True Wireless Earbuds Rs. 8,900
Anker Soundcore Life 2 Neo Wireless Headphones Rs. 11,399