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Compare 91 prices from 14 stores.

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Rs. 410 - Rs. 6228


There is a huge selection of socks in pure cotton and wool, along with a mixed blend of nylon, polypropylene, and acrylic available online for men, women and children in the category of casual, formal and playful.


Spring & Summer Collection 

During the spring season the temperatures behind to rise becoming warmer and humid. Wearing long socks that are till your knees or midway covering the calves feel uncomfortable and cause unwanted warmth. The ankle socks design is simply shorter in length to traditional socks ending right under the ankle bone covering only the bottom and top part of your foot.

Invisible Socks

There are even further trimmed down socks available that are called Invisible socks that can be worn with ballet flats for women and loafers for men that only cover the bottom part of the foot slipped on by gripping the toes and back of the heel. These are convenient socks for ladies and men who want to protect their feet from unpleasant smells and sweating. 


Adding colour to your outfit makes it easier to change up your style and adds variety to office clothing for men and women. There are several colours to choose from including bright primary reds, blues and yellows, plenty of neon and dark tones, printed ankle socks are also available with fun playful graphics and themes.  


Ankle socks do not slip because of their superior grip at the ankle making sure you are always comfortable and fresh. The material is soft to touch and easy to wash by hand or the washing machine.  
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The best price of Ankle Socks in Pakistan is Rs. 410 and the estimated average price is Rs. 1,568.

Price List

Model Price
Pack Of 2 Multi Ankle Socks - FAMSO23-001 Rs. 658
Pack Of 2 Multi Ankle Socks - FAMSO23-009 Rs. 658
Pack Of 2 Multi Ankle Socks - FAMSO23-005 Rs. 470
SuperHeroes Ankle Pack Of 7 pairs Rs. 3,950
Kitty Ankle Pack Of 4 pairs Rs. 2,260
Tommy Hilfiger 69J3806 ANKLE SOCK 3PK Rs. 1,200
10pieces=5 Pairs Women Socks Casual Breathable Hi… Rs. 4,217
6/12Pairs Sport Ankle Socks Athletic Low-cut Sock… Rs. 5,580
PUMA TRAINING ANKLE SOCKS (90794203) Rs. 5,700
PUMA TRAINING ANKLE SOCKS (88749710) Rs. 3,850
Champion Low Cut Ankle Single Pair Socks Rs. 520