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Compare 24 prices from 9 stores. The best price of Aov Breast Pump in Pakistan is Rs. 6,499 and the estimated average price is Rs. 40,183.


For mothers who are feeding their babies, breast pumps are very useful. The AOV Breast Pumps come in electronic and manual variants. Breast pumps are especially useful for working women, it allows them to extract and store milk for the baby to have whenever needed.


The AOV Breast Pump line has a few different options, the major difference being electronic versions or manual ones.

Breast pumps are very useful for mothers who are working and also feeding their child. The AOV Breast Pump would allow you to extract milk and store it for consumption whenever needed. The designs are generally similar, with soft silicone cups that fit well and adjust to individual shapes as well. This makes them a lot more comfortable.

The electronic AOV Breast Pumps have multiple options for speed and have different modes to enhance expression. There is the stimulation mode that massages to improve lactation. The expression mode is a slower frequency of movement with more suction and the buffering mode is to avoid milk accumulation that can cause duct obstruction.

The AOV Breast Pumps have closed systems so the milk does not have any exposure to the outside environment. The materials are BPA-free so babies do not have any endocrine disruption.

Various modes have two cups that can do simultaneous collection of milk. The machines are silent so this process can be undertaken privately with ease.

Other uses

For some women, they need to pump milk due to overproduction which can cause a lot of discomfort and pain as well. The AOV Breast Pumps are useful for such cases too. Some women donate breast milk for babies who may not have their mothers around anymore.

Price List

Model Price
Ornavo Breast Pump Electric, 9 Speeds & 2 Modes B… Rs. 6,499
Ornavo - Electric Breast Pump Double, 9 Speeds & … Rs. 7,980
Electric Breast Pump (Beurer BY 40) 1s Rs. 13,000
Avent manual breast pump natural - SCF330/20 Rs. 17,570
Electric Breast Pump (Beurer BY 70) 1s Rs. 18,500
Beurer Electric Breast Pump, BY 40 Rs. 18,500
Beurer - Breast Pump By-40 Plastic White Rs. 18,500
Avent Manual Breast Pump, SCF430/01 Rs. 18,630
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Compare 24 prices from 9 stores.

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