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Compare 13 prices from 3 stores.

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Rs. 25500 - Rs. 630000


APC UPS is capable of providing power to the whole house or workplace and are in high demand for being a quick solution to long hours of load shedding in the country. Check out APC UPS price in Pakistan and related information on this page.


Frequent power outages and low voltage are a common problem across Pakistan. People need to have a power backup to cope with the long hours of inconvenience caused by load shedding. These include generators, UPS and inverters but UPS are the most common of all. American Power Conversion Corporation commonly referred to as APC is a leading company in Pakistan that manufactures UPS and other power back up options. 

APC UPS Types 

APC is offering a wide range of UPS and power backups suitable for multiple electronics including:

1. Computer and Peripherals

The UPS for these appliances include battery backup and surge protection for home servers, computer systems, external storage, home networking, gaming and other electronics.

2. Network and Servers

These include intelligent and efficient network power protection for switches, point-of-sale, servers, routers, hubs and other network devices. The UPS cater to beginner level as well as high performing and powerful business networks, storage and servers.

3. Data Center and Facility 3 Phase UPS

The 3 Phase UPS provides power solutions to data centres, mission-critical systems, enterprise-wide networks and industrial/manufacturing processes.

4. Special Applications

APC also provides reliable power backups special appliances such as single-phase and 3 Phase UPS applications. These may include renewable energy, global deployment, telecommunications, marine, industrial UPS, controls and other special configurations.

Features & Advantages

APC UPS comes with great design, fair prices and warranties. Some sellers may give you up to 6 months warranty, depending on the type of UPS you opt for. These appliances come with battery over charging protection, over and short circuit protection as well as low and high voltage protection. Most of the APC UPS models generate lesser noise and heat than their rivals and are also easy on electricity consumption, lowering your electricity bills. One of the best things about UPSs by APC is their ability to indicate the next battery replacement date and time. 


Model APC SMT1000I 1000VA/700W
Output power capacity 700Watts / 1.0kVA
Nominal Output Voltage 230V
Output Frequency (sync to mains) 47 - 63 Hz
Output Frequency (not synced) 50/60 Hz +/-1 Hz
Typology Line Interactive
Waveform type Sine wave
Output Connections (2) IEC Jumpers (Battery Backup) | (8) IEC 320 C13 (Battery Backup)
Battery type Maintenance-free sealed Lead-Acid battery with suspended electrolyte
Typical recharge time 3 hours
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The best price of Apc Ups in Pakistan is Rs. 25,500 and the estimated average price is Rs. 196,741.

Price List

Model Price
APC UPS Smart UPS 1.5kVA / 980Watts Black – Karac… Rs. 45,000
APC SRV1KI Easy UPS SRV 1000VA 230V Rs. 165,000
UPS APC Battery Surt 48XLBP Rs. 46,000
APC BV650I-MSX Easy UPS 650VA AVR Universal Outle… Rs. 25,500
APC Smart UPS RC 2000VA 230V-SRC2KI Rs. 250,000
APC BV1000I Easy UPS 1000VA AVR 230V, 4x Universa… Rs. 45,000
Schneider Electric SRV2KI APC Easy UPS Rs. 245,000
Schneider Electric SRV6KI APC Easy UPS Rs. 630,000
Schneider Electric SRV10KI APC Easy UPS Rs. 567,880
APC AP9630 UPS Network Management Card 2 Rs. 34,500
Schneider Electric SRV2KI APC Easy UPS Rs. 140,940
Schneider Electric SRV1KI APC Easy UPS Rs. 84,560