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Compare 14 prices from 1 stores.

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Rs. 80250 - Rs. 225000


The 2019 iteration of the Apple Watch, Series 5's major upgrade is the always-on watch face. So you don't have to swing your hand at an awkward angle to see the time. With a bunch of new apps, a Watch App Store, a great processor and display. Apple has released something that is still top tear with the Series 5. 

Pros & Cons


  • Always-on screen

  • New apps round out its capabilities


  • Still no third-party watch faces

  • Doesn’t work with Android phones

  • Battery life hasn’t improved 


The Apple Watch Series 5 

Released in September 2019 the Apple Watch Series 5 finally has an always-on display, making it seem more like a watch compared to previous models. No more weird arm swivel raise to make the screen come out of hibernation. The watch senses skin and turns on this feature, when it isn't on a wrist the display turns off. Other apps it blurs out and shows the watch face when your arm isn't raised, only the Workout app remains showing you your exercise metrics. Turning the watch away will blur and move to watch face so if you are looking at something personal this works as a privacy screen. Apple researched new screen technology to be able to achieve the always-on feature, without the battery taking too much of a dint. As far as design goes, it looks exactly like its predecessor.

The technical specs & features

The Series 5 is loaded with an Apple S5 chip, a 64-bit dual-core S5 processor making it about twice as fast as the S3 processor. The wireless chip is the W3 chip. This iteration of the Apple Watch is set up with watchOS 6, that has also been tweaked for better overall performance. Series 5 includes 32 GB storage, up from 16 GB from previous models. The Apple Watch's fitness tracking is till paramount, it counts steps, calories, relaxation, hourly movement, hours you stood, VO2 Max data and workout tracking for everything including activities like the elliptical or yoga. The compass has been added, not entirely novel but a good addition. Certain bands with magnets do interfere with the compass so if you are planning to go on a long hike, do not have such a strap on. Another interesting inclusion is an Ambient Noise Meter which keeps an ear on the sound levels around you and warns you if you are in an environment that may damage your hearing. This could be very useful for people who often visit festivals, concerts or mehendis in Pakistan. There is also an ambient light sensor that adjusts the brightness in accordance with the surroundings. Sleep tracking is done in combination with the iPhone even now; the Apple Watch is still essentially an accessory to the iPhone and not a standalone device yet.

Independent Watch App Store 

Finally, in the Series 5, Apple has introduced an app store for the watch, you no longer need to install apps from your iPhone. Allowing you to download and install apps directly to your Apple Watch, you may need your iPhone for passwords the initial time so keep it handy. This doesn't mean that all apps can function alone, a lot of apps only function when paired with the phone.

Cycle Tracking app

A detailed app for the tracking of women's menstrual cycle has been integrated into the Apple Watch Series 5 too. You are able to enter a wider range of details for the app to be able to inform you of monthly timings or of the fertile windows in case you are planning to conceive. Keep in mind this is still an app and a doctor should be in the loop regarding the latter.

Build, watch faces & battery

Apple has made the standard watch in aluminium & steel, but now there is also the option to spend more on titanium or ceramic. The glass in these versions is sapphire glass. Functionally the watches are the exact same so it is only a matter of looks and being fancy; one would be spending more for just that. With an option for leather straps, which hasn't been there since the start of the Apple Watch. There are dozens of watch faces this time around, with customizations which enhance individual user experience. Battery life is at 18 hours which does depend on usage and isn't much affected by the always-on option. If you plan on wearing this smartwatch regularly you will need a daily charge routine.


Display size 1.57 inches/1.78 inches
Resolution 324 x 394 pixels/368 x 448 pixels
OS watchOS 6.0, upgradable to 6.0.1
Chipset Apple S5
Loudspeaker Yes
Storage 32GB
Wireless interface Bluetooth 5.0, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, NFC, LTE
Accelerometer Yes
Gyroscope Yes
Ambient light sensor Yes
Heart rate sensor Yes
Barometer Yes
Compass Yes
Water-resistant Yes
Battery life Up to 18 hours
SIM Electronic SIM card (eSIM)
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The best price of Apple Watch Series 5 in Pakistan is Rs. 80,250 and the estimated average price is Rs. 122,475.

Price List

Model Price
Apple Watch Series 5 MWVF2 Rs. 101,250
Apple Watch Series 5 MWV82 Rs. 93,000
Apple Watch Series 5 MWV72 Rs. 93,000
Apple Watch Series 5 MWVF2 Rs. 120,000
Apple Watch Series 5 MWW12 Rs. 111,000
Apple Watch Series 5 MWVE2 Rs. 120,000
Apple Watch Series 5 MWVD2 Rs. 101,250
Apple Watch Series 5 MX3A2 Rs. 127,500
Apple Watch Series 5 MWW82 Rs. 225,000
Apple Watch Series 5 40mm Rs. 80,250
Apple Watch Series 5 MWWP2 Rs. 118,500
Apple Watch Series 5 MWWJ2 Rs. 225,000