Aqua Water Filter

Compare 8 prices from 1 stores.

Compare 8 prices from 1 stores.

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Aqua water filters help one have clean water at home. Tap water is not very ideal in Pakistan and a filter helps solve this issue. The Aqua water filter has three stages of cleansing to provide you with water that is okay to drink and cook with. The price of their filter systems is in an affordable range.


Aqua water filter

Aqua Safe USA is a brand that produces water filters; the name suggests the brand is based in the USA but there is little information to be sure of this. A water filter is very useful in Pakistan as tap water is generally quite dirty, this filter can help provide one with clean water to cook with or to drink.

The filters available with this brand have three-stage filtering. One is a carbon filter, which removes chlorine and smells. Second comes a micron filter that gets rid of small particles and the third is an antibacterial. There are claims that it removes up to 99% of 77 different contaminants, this includes mercury, lead, pharmaceuticals, pesticides and more.

The Aqua water filter needs to be maintained, meaning the filters need to be changed every so many months, depending on one's usage. A good way to know when it is time to change the internal filters is when the water flow reduces compared to the normal, this means the filters are choking up and new ones are needed.

Aqua water filters do not need electricity and the fitting is easy, with the required pipes included.


The price of Aqua water filters is in the affordable range.

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The best price of Aqua Water Filter in Pakistan is Rs. 5,199 and the estimated average price is Rs. 11,076.

Price List

Model Price
Axtron Triple Water Filter Rs. 5,750
Water Filter 2 Stage Slim Jumbo 20 Rs. 6,600
4 Stage Mineral Water Filter ( With Mineral Water… Rs. 7,000
Ro Plant Purifiy Water Filter Rs. 37,500
3 Stage Water Filteration System Plant 3 Gradersw… Rs. 5,199