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Aqwal e Zareen, literally meaning Golden Words is a compilation of famous and wise sayings by great and influential people this world has seen. The book is written in Urdu by Ashfaq Memon and every sentence is like a piece of advice with a deep meaning that leaves a strong and positive impact on the reader's mind. Read on to see what Aqwal e Zareen is about and if you like reading famous sayings, buy this book online at affordable prices in Pakistan.


The book has Quranic sayings, quotes by the Holy Prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H, other prophets and messengers of God. It also has sayings by famous walis of Allah, Imam Ghazali, Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilani and companions of Prophet P.B.U.H such as Ali RA and Abu Bakr RA. The book also includes quotes by famous ruminators and intellectuals of the world.

Guidance and Wisdom

The sayings in Aqwal e Zareen exude pure wisdom and intelligence. There are multiple aspects and problems in a person's life and finding a guide that covers all of them is a blessing. Aqwal e Zareen does just that and is a great and affordable way to find guidance and wisdom that if incorporated in daily life can make your life easier, peaceful and happier. 

Read to Kids

Besides reading bedtime stories, read the famous quotes from Aqwal e Zareen to your children to build strength of character in them. This way you can instil wisdom in them and the words will resonate in their minds at every walk of life. As they grow older they will understand how to apply that wisdom in different real-life situations and will thank and appreciate you for imparting such profound knowledge to them at an early age.

Perfect Gift

Aqwal e Zareen makes for a great gift for newly married couples, teenagers, students, patients or anyone who seems lost and depressed. It's a great way to help your loved ones start a new life with lots of guidance eventually leading them to a peaceful life full of love and happiness. 

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