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The best price of Arabian Oud in Pakistan is Rs. 280 and estimated average price is Rs. 8,721.


An Arab brand that started out with a focus on 'oud' as the main tone of scent for their fragrances. Arabian Oud is all about the deeper tones from the Orient. The prices of fragrances from this brand are in the mid-ranges.


Starting a few decades ago Arabian Oud is all about using oud as the main source of their fragrances, this gives a lot of the options from the brand a deeper, opulent feel. These kinds of tones are also called Oriental tones as they are associated with this side of the world.

Arabian Oud

Based in Arabia, this brand has a presence in many cities across the world, including Karachi.

There is a very wide range of products that one can choose from, while most of the collection at Arabian Oud has oud in it; there are some options that do not.

One can find fragrances for both men and women, some are even unisex.

The sillage of Arabian Oud fragrances is high, as is their longevity. This makes them great for a long day out and about.

Generally, some people may find oud based scents to be overpowering, but this is a matter of personal choice. The past decade has seen oud become a very central theme in fragrances, with the western fragrance makers as well. 


Arabian Oud has many well-crafted fragrances that have their own balance of tones. One can choose something that they feel would suit them based on the specific ingredients.

The price of Arabian Oud perfumes and colognes is in a range slightly higher than affordable to a mid-range, depending on the specific scent you have in mind.

Price List

Model Price
Arabian Oud Rs. 1,600
Arabian Oud Rs. 1,600
Arabian Oud Rs. 1,600
Arabian Oud Bussma Eau De Parfum For Men 95ml Rs. 17,500
Arabian Oud Woody Intense Eau De Perfume For Unis… Rs. 12,200
Arabian Oud Woody Eau De Perfume For Men - 100ml Rs. 9,000
Dehan Al Oud Al Malki Non Alcoholic Concentrated … Rs. 9,659
Swiss Arabian - DEHN AL OUD MUBARAK Attar - 6ml Rs. 4,670
Swiss Arabian - SA-Private Oud 12ml - 12ml Rs. 3,500
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