Arbella Charleston Pasta

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Compare 5,924 prices from 82 stores.

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Arbella Charleston Pasta is Halal and available in a wide variety including short pasta, long pasta and stuffed pasta.


Arbella Charleston Pasta is a household staple that pairs well with all kinds of meats and sauces. It is easy to prepare and store in the kitchen pantry as the shelf life is up to one year.

A great way to experiment with various flavoured sauces and cooking techniques such as sauté and oven-baked that can serve a large group of people. The versatility of pasta is incredible as it can be prepared as a warm hearty dish or added to a cold salad to increase healthy carbohydrates. 

The types of pasta available by Arbella Charleston Pasta cover a whole range that includes Spaghetti Fusilli and Spaghetti Bucatini. Bucatini is a thicker spaghetti that is hollow from the centre and served with buttery sauces, pancetta or guanciale, vegetables, cheese, eggs, and anchovies or sardines. The favourite dinner pasta is Penne which translates from Italian to pen as the shape resembles the tube shape and nib of a quill.  

The Farfalle pasta by Arbella Charleston has small pieces shaped like bows that pair well with vegetables and are used in salads with olive oil dressing. Lumache is an Italian word which translates to snails as the shape of the pasta is shell-shaped and used in dishes that have a heavy sauce proportion such as ragù or mac and cheese. Another mac and cheese favourite is the Elbow pasta which is easy to handle and loved by kids. 

The Big Shell pasta pairs well with all decadent cheeses such as ricotta, parmesan, and mozzarella cheese which are excellent for oven-baked dishes. For the health-conscious eater, there is a Whole Wheat spaghetti by Arbella Charleston Pasta that is lower in calories as compared to traditional pasta. It has a higher content of nutrients such as complex carbs, protein, fibre, iron, magnesium, and zinc. 


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