Arbella Elbow Pasta

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Arbella Elbow Pasta is a dependable option for those looking for a versatile, affordable and reliable pasta. Its classic shape and firm texture make it suitable for a variety of dishes, providing a satisfying foundation for your culinary creations. While it may not be the most unique choice, its consistent quality and accessibility make it a trustworthy addition to your everyday pasta dishes. Arbella Elbow can be used to make all kinds of pasta dishes.


The Elbow Shape

Arbella Elbow Pasta gets its name from its distinct bend, creating small, curved tubes. This not only makes dishes visually appealing but also has practical benefits.

The curves trap sauces and thicker toppings, ensuring each bite is flavorful. Imagine creamy alfredo clinging to every curve or chunky ragù nestled comfortably within the bend.

Traditional Ingredients

Arbella Elbow Pasta is made from durum wheat semolina, a classic pasta ingredient known for its high gluten content. This gives the pasta a firm texture and helps it maintain its shape during cooking, avoiding sogginess.

Additionally, durum wheat adds a slightly nutty flavour, enhancing the taste of your dishes.


Arbella Elbows are versatile and can be used in various dishes. They work well in classic mac and cheese, holding onto the creamy goodness with each bite.

Their playful shape is great for salads, adding texture and fun to lighter meals. In soups, they capture broth and chunky ingredients, while in casseroles, they soak up savoury sauces, providing a satisfying base.

Classic Choice

While Arbella Elbow Pasta may not revolutionize pasta, it offers a well-executed version of a timeless classic. Their consistent quality, easy availability, and affordable price make them a reliable option for everyday meals.

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