Arbella Farfalle

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Compare 3 prices from 1 stores.


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Arbella Farfalle, named after the Italian word for "butterfly," are not your typical pasta bows. These pasta bows come from the Arbella brand in Pakistan and have some special features that make them stand out. Their unique shape, satisfying bite and versatility offer an experience that goes beyond what you would expect.


Shape & Texture

Unlike the usual smooth and delicate curves, Arbella Farfalle have a bolder and thicker shape. The edges are slightly pinched, giving them a satisfying bite that holds onto sauces and toppings.

Craft & Composition

Made entirely from hard durum wheat, Arbella Farfalle keeps a pleasingly firm texture even after cooking. The careful production process ensures consistent quality and a delightful chewiness.


While Arbella Farfalle works well with classic creamy tomato sauces, their sturdy form makes them great for vegetable-focused dishes.

Whether it is chunky ratatouille, vibrant pesto with roasted peppers or a hearty vegetarian bolognese, these pasta bows provide an ideal base.

Their nooks and crannies capture every tasty bit and their robust bite complements the crunch of vegetables.

Beyond the Plate

Arbella Farfalle is not just pasta, it is an opportunity for culinary creativity. Use them in salads for a playful touch, turn them into edible "cups" for dips and appetizers or explore their sweetness in a unique pasta dessert.

Their versatility goes beyond typical pasta use, making them a must-have for adventurous cooks.

A Taste of Pakistan

In a world filled with mass-produced pasta, Arbella Farfalle stands out. They come from a brand with a rich Pakistani heritage, committed to using high-quality ingredients and traditional methods.

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The best price of Arbella Farfalle in Pakistan is Rs. 1,195 and the estimated average price is Rs. 1,252.

Price List

Model Price
Riscossa Tagliatelle All'uovo Pasta 500gm Rs. 1,280
Arbella Pasta Penne Rigate 500 Gm Rs. 1,195
Riscossa Fettuccine All'uovo Pasta 500gm Rs. 1,280