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The Arbella Fettuccine Pasta is a long pasta that is like flat thin strips. It is often made with a creamy cheese alfredo sauce.


Arbella Fettuccine Pasta is a flat strip-like pasta that would generally be made with a creamy alfredo cheese sauce. Oftentimes, fettuccine pasta has meat in it as well.

From the Roman and Tuscan cuisine, fettuccine is loved all over the world. It is commonly available in most countries. The Arbella Fettuccine Pasta is made with good quality ingredients.

Pasta is generally a high-energy food, which is also why it is known as athlete's food.

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Model: N3X96G5VC Rs. 349,900
Maria B. Couture Sea Green MC-805 Rs. 195,000
Lofratelli Cooking Range OE6004HP /1X Rs. 250,000
Tiziana Terenzi Sea Star Cubia 100Ml Rs. 157,500
Fannah Rs. 225,000
Lofratelli Cooking Range OG9050PRM 5 Burner Rs. 210,000
Tiziana Terenzi Sea Star Poggia 100Ml Rs. 157,500
Pesca Rs. 288,000
Delonghi La Specialista Prestigio Manual Espresso… Rs. 268,000
Tiziana Terenzi Sea Star Orza 100Ml Rs. 157,500
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