Arbella Fusilli Rotini Pasta Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Arbella Fusilli Rotini Pasta in Pakistan is Rs. 455 and estimated average price is Rs. 455.


A corckscrew-like pasta, the Arbella Fusilli Rotini Pasta can be had with all kinds of different sauces and condiments. A favoured food, pasta is very high energy.


Pasta is much loved all over, the various shapes of pasta are at times cooked with different sauces but can be had with any kind of sauce essentially. The Arbella Fusilli Rotini Pasta is a corkscrew-like pasta that has a very interesting texture as well.

You could make your Arbella Fusilli Rotini Pasta and serve it with different sauces, everyone can choose the sauce they like.

Pasta is a high energy food, so if you need the energy to burn Arbella Fusilli Rotini Pasta would be a good choice.

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Arbella Fusilli Rotini Pasta, 500g Rs. 455
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