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The Arbella Fusilli Wheat Pasta is a slightly more healthy choice if you are looking to have healthier pasta.


Fusilli is a corkscrew-shaped pasta. It can be used to prepare lots of different kinds of pasta. The Arbella Fusilli Wheat Pasta is a slightly better option as far as health goes as wheat pasta is it has a bit more nutrition and the fibre content is higher.

You can prepare all kinds of sauces to have with your  Arbella Fusilli Wheat Pasta. Generally, wheat pasta tastes a bit different and could take some getting used to but if you eat pasta regularly this would be the better choice for health.

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Pasta Maker 3150 -Ampia Mill Pasta Noodles machine Rs. 4,500
Calisto White Glazed Terracotta Pasta Bowl Rs. 4,220
Noodles Pasta Maker Machine Rs. 5,499
Alpina Pasta Maker (SF-2500) - ISPK-0009 Rs. 11,055
Pasta And Noodles Maker Machine Rs. 5,749
Pasta And Noodles Maker Machine Rs. 5,449
Instant Noodles - Pasta Making Machine Rs. 5,896
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