Arbella Fusilli Wheat Pasta

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Compare 12 prices from 3 stores.

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Rs. 650 - Rs. 1699


Arbella Fusilli Wheat Pasta stands out from the ordinary, offering a unique and delightful culinary experience. Crafted from whole durum wheat, it brings several exceptional qualities to your dining table.


Twirlable Fusilli

The classic corkscrew shape, known as fusilli, adds a delightful texture to the pasta. Its ridges capture the richness of sauces, creating a burst of flavour in every bite.

Nutty Whole Wheat Aroma

Unlike regular white pasta, Arbella Fusilli Wheat Pasta's whole wheat infusion introduces a subtle, earthy nuttiness that enhances the overall flavour. This subtle distinction elevates the culinary experience.

Al Dente Perfection

Made from high-quality durum wheat, Arbella Fusilli maintains its firmness during cooking, achieving the perfect al dente texture.

Packed with Fiber

Whole wheat brings a significant dose of fiber to Arbella Fusilli Wheat Pasta, promoting a sense of fullness and aiding digestion. It's a win-win for both taste and health.

Higher Protein Content

Compared to refined pasta, Arbella Fusilli Wheat Pasta offers a slightly higher protein content, creating a more balanced and satisfying meal.

Mineral Rich

Whole wheat naturally contains essential minerals like manganese, phosphorus and zinc, contributing to overall well-being.


The playful fusilli shape is not just visually appealing, it is incredibly versatile. It easily captures chunky sauces, veggies and meats, making it a perfect base for various recipes.

Sustainably Sourced

Arbella prioritizes responsible sourcing, ensuring that their wheat is grown using sustainable practices that benefit the environment.

Global Recognition

As a leading pasta producer in Pakistan, Arbella has gained international acclaim for its quality and taste, making Fusilli Wheat Pasta a global culinary delight.

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The best price of Arbella Fusilli Wheat Pasta in Pakistan is Rs. 650 and the estimated average price is Rs. 1,002.

Price List

Model Price
Pantanella Tricolor Fusilli Pasta, No. 58, 500g Rs. 650
PANTANELLA - Tricolor Pasta 500G Rs. 860
Riscossa Fettuccine All'uovo, No. 87, 500g Rs. 1,050
Riscossa Fettuccine All'uovo Pasta 500gm Rs. 1,280
Reggia Pasta Nutri Mio Fusilli Gluten Free 400 Gm Rs. 1,699
Be Reggia Pasta Nutri Mio Fusilli Gluten Free 400… Rs. 1,675
Riscossa Farfalle Pasta, No. 105B, 500g Rs. 750
PASTA REGGIA - Tafe Pasta 500Gm (62) Rs. 800
PASTA REGGIA - Spaghetti 500Gm (19) Rs. 800
Riscossa Spirali Pasta 500gm Rs. 760
Pantanella Tricolor Conchiglie Pasta, 500g Rs. 650
Riscossa Tagliatelle All'uovo, No. 88, 500g Rs. 1,050