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Arbella Penne Rigate Pasta is a tube-like pasta cut with slanted edges. This pasta can be used to make almost any kind of pasta dish.


One can use Arbella Penne Rigate Pasta to make lots of different pasta dishes. The variation comes from the sauces that you can make. These include very simple ones with a few ingredients to more complex ones that require more time to prepare as well.

The Arbella Penne Rigate Pasta is tubular with slanted cut edges.

The options that one has allow you to make your Arbella Penne Rigate Pasta with the sauce you like. One could also make different sauces and serve them with the pasta on its own so guests can add whatever sauce they prefer.

Pasta is a high-energy food, which is why it is also known as athlete's food.

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Noodles Pasta Maker Machine Rs. 5,499
Pasta Maker 3150 -Ampia Mill Pasta Noodles machine Rs. 4,500
Falak Premium 10 Kg Rs. 4,870
Pasta And Noodles Maker Machine Rs. 5,449
Pasta And Noodles Maker Machine Rs. 5,749
Noodle & Pasta Making Machine - Silver Rs. 5,624
Instant Noodles - Pasta Making Machine Rs. 5,896
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