Arbella Spaghetti Price in Pakistan

The best price of Arbella Spaghetti in Pakistan is Rs. 310 and estimated average price is Rs. 430.


Arbella Spaghetti is a kind of pasta that is also the most common form of pasta. It can be made with any number of sauces and is a favourite food almost all over the world.


Arbella Spaghetti has two options, one is regular pasta and the other is made from whole wheat. One can make all kinds of sauces for their Arbella Spaghetti.

The standard sauce is the tomato-based one, but Arbella Spaghetti could be made with creamy sauces, or even the simplest Aglio di olio style. If you have more people, you can even prepare spaces and keep the pasta separate. This way guests can pick the space they like and drizzle it over their Arbella Spaghetti.

The whole wheat Arbella Spaghetti tastes a bit different compared to the regular option. Generally, pasta is considered to be a healthy food option and is also very high in energy. This is why it is even called athlete's food.

Arbella Spaghetti needs to be cooked just right, so the texture is correct. There are instructions on the packet to help you achieve the correct cook.

Price List

Model Price
Arbella Spaghetti Pasta 500g Rs. 310
Arbella Fettucini Spaghetti, 500g Rs. 550
Arbella Spaghetti, 500g Rs. 550
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