Arbella Wheat Spaghetti

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Arbella Wheat Spaghetti is a reliable choice for those seeking a healthier, nutrient-rich pasta. Its whole-grain composition provides ample fibre and essential minerals.


Whole Wheat Foundation

At the heart of Arbella Wheat Spaghetti's offering is durum wheat, specifically the whole-grain variety. This means the entire wheat kernel, including bran and germ, is utilized, providing higher fibre content and a more robust nutrient profile compared to regular pasta.

Nutritional Riches

Arbella Wheat Spaghetti boasts a notable increase in dietary fibre, offering around 6-8 grams per serving. It provides essential B vitamins, iron and magnesium, contributing to overall well-being.

This can lead to potential benefits such as improved digestion, prolonged feelings of fullness and even lower cholesterol levels.

Beyond Nutrition

Arbella not only focuses on health benefits but also aims to please the palate. Users appreciate its al dente texture, maintaining firmness under sauces without becoming mushy.

Furthermore, its slightly nutty flavour adds a subtle depth to your culinary creations.

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