Armaf Le Parfait

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Compare 8,035 prices from 122 stores.

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Armaf is a brand from the UAE that makes fragrances in a more affordable range. The Le Parfait options for men and women are great value purchases. The perfume is chypre floral, while the cologne is an amber fruit like scent. The prices of these options are in an affordable range.


Armaf has a lot of options to choose from, their Le Parfait line has an option for men and women which are complementary scents.

Armaf Le Parfait

With an interesting bottle, the men's version is black, while the women's is white. Le Parfait for men has amber tones with fruit and citrus to keep it fresh. The top layers are made from pineapple, blackcurrant, bergamot and lemon. Leading to a heart that has spicy notes, rose and jasmine. For the base one finds must, ambergris, patchouli and vanilla.

Overall Le Parfait for men has strong amber hints with fresher notes to balance it out well.

The ladies option has jasmine, neroli and mandarin orange as the top notes. The heart belongs to the lily of the valley, tuberose and honeysuckle. With a base made from amber, musk and patchouli. This makes for a chypre and floral scent overall.

Both the versions of Le Parfait have decent sillage and staying power. People tend to associate them with the warmer months, although if you wanted to wear them in winter you could. The timing of the day is super versatile, making them ideal choices for daily wear or for your night out.


The price of Armaf Le Parfait scents is in an affordable range, making these well-designed scents to be accessible to a lot more people. Also ideal for someone who likes to apply their daily wear scent copiously.

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