Armaf Perfumes

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Compare 407 prices from 18 stores.

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Armaf is a brand from the United Arab Emirates which creates fragrances inspired by known luxury brands. This gives them an edge as the prices are a fraction of the brands they are inspired by. Ideal for someone looking for better quality scents in a competitive price range.


Armaf Perfumes

A relatively new brand that started in 2015. Over this time the brand has developed a following without too much advertising. The scents are inspired by many of the famous hits from the luxury fragrance brand Creed. In comparison, the ingredients have more synthetic variants which is why Armaf can afford to sell their versions at a fraction of the original inspiring scent's price.

Armaf has scents for both, women and men. Deriving inspiration from top brands gives them scents of glamour that are invigorating.


Armaf perfumes are ideal for someone who wants to get a more high-end feel but in a very competitive price range.

This brand originates from the United Arab Emirates.

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The best price of Armaf Perfumes in Pakistan is Rs. 2,300 and the estimated average price is Rs. 29,046.

Price List

Model Price
Armaf Perfume Luxury Oros Fleur Fragrances Eau De… Rs. 21,999
Armaf Perfumes Le Parfait Women Eau De Parfum 100… Rs. 3,760
Armaf Perfumes Venetian Eau De Parfum Pour Homme … Rs. 4,999
Armaf Perfumes Excellus Women Eau De Parfum 100ml… Rs. 3,675
Armaf Perfumes Vanity Femme Essence Women Eau De … Rs. 3,300
Armaf Perfumes Eternia Women Eau De Parfum 100ml … Rs. 4,500
Armaf Perfumes Momento Fleur Women Eau De Parfum … Rs. 4,999
Armaf Perfumes Ombre Oud Intense Eau De Parfum Me… Rs. 7,299
Armaf Hunter For Men Perfume 100ml Rs. 6,120