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If you are looking for a floral scent for women with some musk to balance it out, Armaf Purple Amethyst is a good choice. There is also some fruit and citrus in the upper layer to open with a lightness to it. The price of Purple Amethyst is in an affordable range, making it ideal for people who do not want to spend too much or need a daily use perfume they can apply lots of.


Armaf is a brand that is based in the UAE and is known for producing fragrances in an accessible price range. There are a lot of options for men and women, with the Purple Amethyst perfume among the collection as well.

Armaf Purple Amethyst

To give one a light opening feel, the top notes of this perfume are made from rose, litchi and lemon. These notes go on to the middle that is made from magnolia, rose, iris and orange blossom. This middle adds in a lot of floral tones.

At the base, Purple Amethyst has musk, patchouli and amber. The musk and amber are great warmer tones, with patchouli providing a hint of earthy spice.

All this combined makes for floral tones for the most part with musk to go around it. A nostalgic kind of scent that a lot of people say has very strong rose tones.

The staying power and sillage are very good for the price of this perfume.


Armaf Purple Amethyst is available for a very affordable price and this makes it quite a high-value purchase.

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