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The best price of Armani Code Perfume in Pakistan is Rs. 249 and estimated average price is Rs. 20,764.


Among the more successful lines of fragrances at Armani, one can find Armani Code. It was initiated by the men's variant in 2004, with the first women's version coming out in 2006. Both have done really well, with the men's version enjoying a bit more fame and there are a lot of other iterations in this line that have come out over the years. The price of Armani Code perfume and cologne is somewhat lower mid-range despite the top quality and fame.


Armani is a famous fashion brand that has been successful at a similar level to many older brands, despite having only come into existence in 1975. Over the years the brand has done produced many different things and this includes fragrances. Their various lines have done really well and Armani Code is one of those lines.

Armani Code

The first iteration for men was launched in 2004. The women's version was released in 2006. Both these were a hit in the market, with the men's variant doing better in comparison.

The Armani Code cologne has head notes that include lemon and bergamot, this gives it a fresh, cutting opening to the scent. The heart notes follow through with star anise, olive blossom and guaiac wood. The star anise adds some spice with its liquorice-like smell. At the base, we find leather, tonka bean and tobacco. Tonka beans also add some spice and the tobacco and leather give it a musky warm smell. All these layers combined produce a great balance that has been liked by a lot of people over the year.

Armani Code perfume has its own set of tones. The head notes are Italian orange, jasmine and bitter orange. These give it a clean opening with some citrus and a floral following. At the heart, we find some more jasmine, orange blossom and ginger; an interesting combination that adds some spice as well. For the base, the Armani Code perfume has honey, vanilla and sandalwood. This base provides a warmth and also some woody notes. This too is a great mix that provides a complex scent that can evoke a sensation for the wearer. Smelling good helps feel good, and the Armani Code perfume achieves this.


The Armani Code perfume and cologne both are strong so they stay on long and don't fade away in an hour or two. This is great as one needs something that can last a good portion of the day. This ability to stay is due to the quality ingredients used by Armani.

Surprisingly the price of these two options is in the lower mid-range, making them affordable to a lot more people.

Price List

Model Price
Armani Code Men EDT 125ml Rs. 28,512
Armani Black Code Men Edt 75Ml Rs. 23,760
Giorgio Armani Code Absolu Women EDP 75Ml Rs. 21,437
Giorgio Armani Armani Code Pour Homme For Men EDP… Rs. 23,800
Armani Code Profumo by Giorgio Armani 110ml Parfum Rs. 21,830
Armani Code Eau De Parfum 110ml Rs. 25,900
Giorgio Armani Armani Code (Simple) - ATTAR (Roll… Rs. 499
Giorgio Armani Code Eau De Toilette For Men 125ml Rs. 18,900
Giorgio Armani Code Pour Homme EDP 110ml Rs. 17,200
GiorgioArmani Armani Code 75ml Rs. 17,750
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