Arnica Hair Oil

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Compare 514 prices from 32 stores.

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A homoeopathic formula, Arnica Hair Tonic or oil is made with the bright yellow perennial herb called the arnica flowers native to Siberia and Central Europe. The oil has been used for decades as a remedy for hair loss, dandruff and several other conditions. Check out Arnica Hair Oil prices in Pakistan and read on for its uses and benefits.


Benefits & Uses

The hair oil is made with refined coconut oil and is mildly but pleasantly fragrant. Regular use can help grow hair long and can also reduce baldness. If you would like to grow your hair long and strong as well as remove bald patches on the scalp, use this oil for these and also for the following benefits. 

1. Promotes hair growth.

2. Prevents and stops hair fall and premature greying.

3. Prevents and treats dandruff.

4. Relieves dry and itchy scalp.

5. Nourishes the scalp.

6. Nourishes the hair from root to tip. 

7. Stops and prevents hair breakage. 

8. Makes hair strong, long and thick.

9. Adds shine to the hair. 

10. Keeps the head cool.

How to Use

Many brands are producing Arnica infused hair oils these days. They all have their own recommended methods of application. Follow the guidelines mentioned on your product's packaging. For the best and quick results, use the oil as advised by the manufacturer. Depending on the product, you can also mix arnica oil in your choice of carrier oil to make an effective and potent hair mask.

Side Effects 

While it is safe for most people, Arnica hair oil can have various side effects. If you have a known allergy to ragweed or any other ingredients found in this oil, do not use it. Some people can have an allergic reaction to this oil that can include hives, itching, headache, inflamed sinuses, shortness of breath, runny nose etc. Immediately discontinue use and wash off as soon as these or any other side effect symptoms appear and get medical help.


It is important that you do a patch test before using this product to ensure safety. Remember to only use it for the hair and scalp as this is not an edible oil and can result in an increased heart rate, elevated blood pressure and toxic poisoning if ingested, Most importantly, pregnant and lactating mothers should never use Arnica oil for the hair or any other product that contains arnica as it has been known to induce abortions. Keep this oil in a safe place, away from the reach of children and pets. 

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The best price of Arnica Hair Oil in Pakistan is Rs. 292 and the estimated average price is Rs. 1,259.

Price List

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Intense Hair Growth Oil - Infused Rosemary Oil Rs. 1,800
Argan Oil Nourishing Shampoo 300ml – Hair Care – … Rs. 2,099
Aura Hair Rescue Strengthening Oil 100ml Rs. 2,700
Conatural Argan Oil 100ml Rs. 4,340
Hemani Herbal - Argan Hair Oil 100ml Rs. 310
Hemani Herbal - Argan Hair Oil 200ml Rs. 495
Hair Growth Oil Rs. 1,990
Conatural Argon Oil 100ml Rs. 4,340
27 Herbal Hair Oil – 100ml Rs. 450