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Compare 875 prices from 8 stores.

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Rs. 419 - Rs. 36000


The Shopsy art supplies collection covers a wide range of mediums that include watercolour and acrylic paints, rolled and framed canvas, colour pencils, soft pastels, coloured inks and Calligraphy sets.


Art supplies are an excellent gift for young children and adults alike as they offer countless hours of activity that can be done individually or as a group. Acrylic paints can be used on multiple surfaces which include paper, wood and canvas, they are water-soluble and dry very quickly. The watercolour paints are easy to manage and traditionally used to paint on paper. The miniature painting that has been practised for centuries uses watercolour paints. The travel-friendly box sets for watercolour are lightweight and can easily be carried in your backpack for easy access and sketchbook painting. 

There are Caligraphy pen sets that have ready-made nibs of various sizes dipped into loose ink for lettering and verse writing on paper, leather or canvas. The colour pencils and soft pastels sets have a large selection of colours that can create beautiful images of landscape, animals and portraits. When deciding which art materials to buy it is important to have a budget in mind as there are various quality grades available in the same medium. Acrylics are cheaper than watercolour paints which makes them ideal for children. Poster paints are also a cheap and affordable option for children's art supplies. 

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The best price of Art Supplies in Pakistan is Rs. 419 and the estimated average price is Rs. 1,702.

Price List

Model Price
Acrylic Colour Set The Guardian Of Art Rs. 875
Art Nation Acrylic White Gesso 500ml Rs. 850
Art Nation Solid Watercolor Set Of 24 Sdw24 Rs. 1,375
Mdf Sheet For Resin Art, Art Supplies, 12 To 18 I… Rs. 899
Mdf Sheet For Resin Art, Art Supplies, 12 To 18 I… Rs. 599
Mdf Sheet For Resin Art, Art Supplies, 12 To 18 I… Rs. 799
Mdf Sheet For Resin Art, Art Supplies, 12 To 18 I… Rs. 499
Pack Of 5 Canvas Boards 4x4 For Painting And Art … Rs. 675
Art Nation Aquarelle Water Color Pad A4 Rs. 495
Art Nation 5pieces Machanical Pencil Drawing Set Rs. 1,299