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Compare 26 prices from 3 stores.

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Rs. 3729 - Rs. 5270


The Artdeco Foundation range includes luxurious liquid, cream and pressed powder formulas that are designed according to skin type to give you the best coverage and perfect complexion in a natural skin finish.


The High Definition Foundation by Artdeco is an entirely vegan-based formula preserved through HPP (High Pressure Processing) technology that holds together the particles in perfect condition. The skin finish from Artdeco foundation is true colour and lasts throughout the day without overdrying or cracking.

The finish of the Artdeco foundation has a natural finish with added radiance and glow to keep you feeling fresh and youthful. The luminescent texture of the liquid foundation provides medium coverage that will blend into the skin perfectly without clogging pores. The formula is non-greasy when applied to the skin and designed to avoid the unwanted accumulation of oily residue.

The formula has Hyaluronic acid, Viola Tricolor plant, panthenol and vitamin A and E designed to be hydrating for dry skin types. Reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars and blemishes by wearing the Artdeco foundation daily.

The liquid foundation range includes a variety of coverage levels making it easy to buy according to your skin type. Artdeco foundation will control greasy skin texture by balancing and mattifying the complexion using a premium mineral complex made by combining zinc and magnesium.

The suitable for all skin types range includes ARTDECO High Definition Foundation and ARTDECO Perfect Teint Foundation which have a wide range of skin tones that are highly blendable and suitable for long-wear makeup. 

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The best price of Artdeco Foundation in Pakistan is Rs. 3,729 and the estimated average price is Rs. 4,340.

Price List

Model Price
Artdeco Perfect Teint Foundation 35 Rs. 4,640
Artdeco Light Luminous Foundation, 08, Natural Po… Rs. 4,185
Artdeco Light Luminous Foundation, 31, Golden Tan Rs. 4,185
Artdeco Light Luminous Foundation, 22, Natural Ch… Rs. 4,185
ARTDECO Rich Treatment Foundation Item No. 15 Rs. 4,169
Artdeco Nude Foundation, 85 Neutral Beige Chiffon Rs. 4,200
Artdeco Rich Treatment Foundation, 15 Warm Cashme… Rs. 4,650
Artdeco Rich Treatment Foundation, 17 Warm Creamy… Rs. 4,650
Artdeco Liquid Camouflage Full Cover Foundation 16 Rs. 3,730
Artdeco Liquid Camouflage Full Cover Foundation 12 Rs. 4,530
Artdeco Liquid Camouflage Full Cover Foundation 38 Rs. 3,729
Artdeco Hydra Mineral Compact Foundation 55 Rs. 5,270