Artdeco Makeup Base

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Compare 6 prices from 2 stores.

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Rs. 2695 - Rs. 4350


Using the Artdeco MakeUp Base will help prepare the skin for supporting and holding the foundation together for hours. The formula is designed to minimise the appearance of pores, correcting the complexion and smoothing out the surface hiding the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


Start by applying a small amount of Artdeco Makeup Base product to the centre of your face and spreading it over your forehead, cheeks and neck area. The formula has nourishing peptides like Peptide Vinci 2 that stimulate the natural regeneration process of the skin by boosting collagen and keratin. The Artdeco MakeUp Base will firm up the skin and hydrate areas around the eyes and lips making it easier to apply foundation, concealer and brush. 

There are different kinds of Artdeco MakeUp Base to choose from depending on your skin type and age. The anti-ageing formula will help relax the skin and replenish calcium through the absorption of AT Peptides. The texture of the Artdeco MakeUp Base is light and nongreasy that will not overload the skin suitable for oily skin types. The Artdeco MakeUp Base collection includes lightweight primers that have essential Vitamin E and minerals that will hydrate the skin while creating a smooth and matte-finished surface. The boost of antioxidants from Vitamin E will protect the skin from pollutants and fatigue from wearing makeup. 

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The best price of Artdeco Makeup Base in Pakistan is Rs. 2,695 and the estimated average price is Rs. 3,768.

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Model Price
Artdeco Makeup Base Primer 15ml Rs. 2,695
Artdeco Skin Perfecting Make-Up Base Silicone-Free Rs. 4,250
Artdeco Light Luminous Foundation, 08, Natural Po… Rs. 4,350
Artdeco Light Luminous Foundation, 22, Natural Ch… Rs. 3,480
Artdeco Light Luminous Foundation, 31, Golden Tan Rs. 3,480
Artdeco Light Luminous Foundation, 14, Beige Sand… Rs. 4,350