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Artificial plants and grass are a hasslefree way to decorate your garden or terrace. They are now used indoors too for enhancing the beauty of the space, giving it a naturistic touch. The initial cost of installing artificial grass in Pakistan lands in the high price bracket but the grass doesn't require expensive maintenance. Artificial grass prices in Pakistan vary depending on the vendor and the quality of the grass and you can easily compare the prices on this page to make the best purchase. 

Pros & Cons


  • Pesticide-free

  • Low maintenance cost

  • Great for interior decor

  • Evergreen lawn or garden

  • More durable than actual grass

  • A great option for artificial lawn

  • Save watering hassle and fertilizer cost


  • High initial cost

  • Needs special disposal

  • Some varieties may contain and emit toxic chemicals

  • Can reach extremely high temperatures during the scorching summers


Artificial grass is made out of synthetic materials and is installed by using a strong hold adhesive on the rubber side and pasting it to the ground or wall. A well maintained artificial grass will last for 20 years indoors or outdoors. Good quality artificial grass won't fade in the sun as they are UV stabilized and retain their colour and texture even after years of use. 

Interior Decor

Artificial Grass is also used for decorating interiors such as walls and floors. You can even curate a beautiful balcony garden by installing artificial grass and plants around the space. Some even like to decorate a small portion inside the house with artificial grass and miniature plants. 

Outdoor Use

Requiring little maintenance, artificial grass comes in handy for places where natural grass cannot grow or cannot be looked after on a daily basis. Since the colour doesn't fade out, the grass can be installed in lawns and gardens without the fear of sunlight damaging its colour and texture. Apart from garden decor, artificial grass can be used for creating an outdoor play area such as a lawn for tennis, soccer, cricket or other sports. 

While artificial grass will make your garden look beautiful and evergreen, make sure to purchase the toxic free variety for the safety of your family. Cheap ones may come easy on the pocket but can have a hazardous impact on your health and the surroundings. 

Price List

Model Price
Artificial Grass 20 Mm 6 Feet Width And 6 Feet Le… Rs. 13,860
Grass 20mm For Lawn / Austotruf / Artifical Grass Rs. 13,860
Real Feel Artificial Grass · Material: Plastic (p… Rs. 13,860
Artificial Grass Carpet Multiple Sizes Floor Mat … Rs. 14,400
Austo Truf Multiple Size / Artificial Grass 20 Mm… Rs. 14,400
Synthetic Artificial Grass 10mm Green / Grass Mat… Rs. 14,480
Real Feel Artificial Grass 20mm / Different Sizes… Rs. 14,700
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Compare 69 prices from 1 stores.

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