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The best price of Asifa Nabeel in Pakistan is Rs. 4,499 and estimated average price is Rs. 10,640.


The high fashion brand Asifa Nabeel is a duo of female and male designers Asifa and Nabeel who made their debut through lawn summer collection that had a bold and modern fusion of 3-piece unstitched suits. Their collection now includes both summer and winter collections, festive and Eid collections, both casual and luxury pret and western fusion single shirts sold under Tick Tock collection.


Design Philosophy 

Taking on the classic masterful embroideries of Kelash and Sindh province, they create tapestries that have flora and fauna of the subcontinent. Taking scenes from orchids, gardens and tropical flowers, they create a visual landscape of botanical patterns. The large flower illustrations are complemented by the intricate threadwork to create architectural motif across the shirt and pants. They are not afraid to interpret traditional design aesthetic into exaggerated unapologetically modern designs. The incorporation of various fabric like organza, silk, tissue and cotton create a layered texture to the design, the embellishment design has these various fabrics pleated and cut in unique styles to create an interesting version of the traditional shalwar kameez. Fashion Collections cut in unique styles to create an interesting version of the traditional shalwar kameez.  

Fashion Collections

They have regular releases of fashion collections called Amelia - LAWN SS, Eid SS, Election Campaign, Festive Lawn, Festive Stitches, Formals, Luxury Pret, Pret, Tick Tock Winter Collection and Winter Festive.

Winter Collection

Their winter collection takes on the rich fall colours that evoke a sense of warmth and elegance. They have contrasting neckline pieces and other pieces of embellishments to complete the outfit. The digitally printed Khaddar Shirt Piece is 3m, Khaddar Trouser is 2.5m, there are embroidered patches for the hemline and a digitally printed viscose shawl of 2.5m. There are usually a total of 5 to 10 designs released twice a season as volume 1 and 2. They have various colour palettes that create a unique composition of tones and contrasting tones signature to the Asifa Nabeel aesthetic. With rich cloth like velvet and silk to create glamourous 3-piece suits for party wear and formal dinner gatherings in Pakistan. Ladies in Pakistan do not want to waste time and energy designing clothes themselves, they want to be able to shop for mid-range clothes that can easily be dressed up or down according to the various occasions through the season. 

Summer Collection

Asifa Nabeel does not make safe designs, they want their clothes to stand out and be noticed in a crowd. This why their designs are instantly recognisable for the large flower garden themes, large embroidery patters on the front panels and stylised in an alternative Milan fashion runway aesthetic. They are not afraid to incorporate western elements into their designs by choosing a variety of cloth to create a complex design. Their lawn is a breath of fresh air to the more traditional panel shirt design commonly seen in other lawn collections. Instead, they intentionally choose large embroidery to structure their shirts, they have heavily embroidered front panels that create a dynamic colour composition. 

Price List

Model Price
Qaus-e-Quzah By Asifa & Nabeel Embroidered Lawn S… Rs. 6,965
Asifa & Nabeel Winter WC-06 Rs. 11,750
Asifa & Nabeel Casual Pret Viscose 2 Piece Dress … Rs. 7,600
Liliana Asifa Nabeel Joel LA-8 Rs. 6,440
Asifa & Nabeel Casual Pret Viscose 2 Piece Dress … Rs. 7,300
Asifa & Nabeel Winter WC-04 Rs. 12,800
Asifa & Nabeel Winter WC-01 Rs. 13,500
Asifa And Nabeel - WC-02 Rs. 12,800
Asifa & Nabeel SL 11 Vivian Lilibet Luxury Lawn C… Rs. 9,400
Asifa & Nabeel Winter WC-08 Rs. 12,800
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